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Fixing A Brake Fluid Leak In Easy Steps

Fixing A Brake Fluid Leak In Easy Steps
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You need to fix a brake fluid leak as soon as the brake pedal touches the floor. Firstly, find out the source of leakage. You can trace the root of brake problem through inspecting wheel cylinders, caliper pistons, metal brake lines, master brake cylinder, caliper, and brake hoses. There is no shortcut to fixing a brake fluid leak. So, any temporary solutions mean an increasing threat of complete failure. Don’t do the job on your own, unless you can do it like a Pro. If you are wondering how to fix a brake fluid leak, this is the right place for you.

Step 1: Locating the Leak

Finding where break fluid leak comes from
Locating the brake fluid leak by inspecting rubber, metal, gaskets, and joints under the hood.

To fix car leaking brake fluid, first step you should do is locating the leak. So in this step you may want to ask “Where does brake fluid leak from?”. Well, the answer is inspecting rubber, metal, gaskets, and joints under the hood and also checking the threads spreading over the metal brake tubing by open eyes as you can find almost the leaks there.

If you still can’t trace any signs of leaking brake fluid, check the lines from the master cylinder. Repeat this for each and every wheel. On the back, look out for rusty areas or rust around the brake lines. Now take a flashlight and observe under your car to see if there are any puddles, drips, spray patterns, or other wet areas.

Step 2: Reconstruct for the Wheel Cylinders, Caliper Piston, and Master Cylinder

If the sources of leaking brake fluid are master cylinder, caliper piston, you can always use an affordable brake fluid leak repair kit. However, buying a new caliper is more viable than rebuilding one. Rebuild kits from different manufacturers are available in the market. You have to have a total replacement if the rubber brake hoses are leaking.

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Step 3: When the Metal Brake Lines are Leaking

A more integrated approach is required if the leaks are rooted in the metal brake lines. The pipe bender and metal tubing you are going to use must be the same size. Instead of just repairing the leaky portion, replace the whole line. Once you have replaced the lines, follow the manufacturers’ instruction to adjust the torque accordingly. Unless you do it properly, the fittings could lose and result in decreasing brake pressure.

Never pursue a brake fluid repair job without having a complete understanding. To the point instructions do not mean that it’s a one-step job. Before you disintegrate the whole brake fluid system, make sure dirt can’t make way.

Old or dirty brake fluid can damage your brake system permanently. So, have a look on the brake fluid color to see whether it’s clear or not. If it looks dirty, replace the fluid right away.

Watch the video to see How to Fix Leaking Break lines:

 Hopefully you will get useful information about how to fix a break line leak through this article. In cases you have any question about break fluid leak repair or any car maintenance tips, feel free to leave it in comment section, our auto experts will answer it for you.

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