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Tire Rotation: A Complete Guide to Do It Yourself

Tire Rotation: A Complete Guide to Do It Yourself
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The simplest trick to make your tire more efficient is to adjust the tire rotation frequency. Tire Rotation how often, for best performance, is after each 6k miles. Not to mention, this strategy can be useful in saving your money as well. In fact, you can save even more by doing it yourself when the car demands a tire rotation. Additionally, all you need is to learn the right techniques in doing so. Only certain handy tools and you’re ready to go: floor jack, 4 jack stands, and a 4-way lug wrench.

Elevate and place the Vehicle properly:

The very first priority is to rotate tires is to park the vehicle at the ground level and apply the parking brake. Tough surfaces, like concrete or tarmac, are the best options for rotating tires. Eventually to lift the vehicle,  use the 4-way lug wrench to smoothly release each lug nut.

Make sure the car is not in motion when you try this, otherwise, it will be dangerous. You can use the floor jack to lift up the whole vehicle front through factory jacking point. Jacking point can be easily found on the engine front. If it is still difficult to find the front jacking, going through the vehicle manual can help.

tire rotation
Tire Rotation: A Complete Guide to Do It Yourself

Tire rotation and alignment are closely linked with each other. For the best alignment, keep a jack stand at both sides of a vehicle at the front.

You can utilize the support ridge for jack stands, which are often distinguished by a tiny mark at a few inches to the rear of every front wheel. After the stands are set up perfectly, you can go for reiterating the process of lifting and supporting the back-end of the vehicle.

Go for tire rotation:

As you have merely relaxed the lug nuts, these will slide off smoothly with the support of the vehicle. However, going through car manual is recommended for tricky aspects. Then you can clear most of your doubts regarding how to do tire rotation through the process.

As a tip, note that most of the tires do have the rotation pattern mentioned over the tire surface.

After the tire rotation is finished

If you have rotated the tires accord to the manufacturer’s terms, screw the lug nuts merely as the car is in support. Remember, if is not tightened completely; the car might fall. You may utilize the floor jack to support vehicle, and can later remove the stands.

Tire Rotation: A Complete Guide to Do It Yourself

Fit the Lug Nuts

Afterward, stiffen the lug nuts completely through 4-way lug wrench, if the car is thoroughly lowered. You can tighten the lug nut up to any extent without stripping.

Altogether, tire rotation by own is fine if you are well versed with the technicalities to deal with a car and absolutely confident about safety aspects. Even if you can’t do it yourself, at least you should note details of your tire rotation.

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