Top 5 Most Common BMW Problems and Repairs

When it comes to buying a high-end luxury car, the first option that strikes your mind is a BMW series. BMW has been one of the top driving cars in the today’s arena. Though these cars are fun to drive and own, you should not miss out the most common problems with them.

To help you out, here’s a list of a few most common BMW problems and repairs that you should be aware of.

Common BMW Problems and Repairs

The BMW cars have always offered a high level of style, performance, and comfort to its owners. However, a few problems are there with these vehicles that require your utmost attention. Let’s explore out one by one.

1. Door Locks

BMW problems and its repairs
Repairing BMW problems. SOurce: Bimmerpost

This is one of the most common problems with the BMW cars. People often come across the issue of a door lock in their cars. When you try to lock the doors of these vehicles remotely, it might happen that one door is not locked. So, if you face such issues, you can visit your local auto repair shop to get the problem fixed.

2. Electronic Issues

Many BMW vehicles experience electronic problems over time. Few such problems include windshield wipers, window regulators, CCC iDrive etc. These issues differ depending on the model of BMW series. If you wish to buy these cars, make sure that you have access to a nearby auto shop that specializes in repairing BMW issues.


3. Engine Parts

At times, engine management issues occur in the BMW vehicles that cause a serious concern for most of the drivers. These issues can shoot from ignition modules, injectors or terrible fuel pumps, or even a damaged clutch. So, it may happen that you need to replace these parts in order to resume proper working of the vehicle.

4. Tire Problems

Know about BMW problems
Different BMW problems. Source: Drive2

A BMW with a corroded or cracked alloy wheel can produce a slow leak or tier puncture, which can cause an accident. To avoid such corrosion and cracks, a proper wheel and tire maintenance is required. You can explore some car maintenance tips in order to prevent such situations.

5. Window’s Regulators

Not every BMW series go through the issue of the window regulator. Models like BMW-E46 are likely to be affected by such problems. It might happen that the windows plastic clip smashes down. As a result, the window fails to move up and down. Though it’s not a very costly fix, it requires a dealer that is an expert in dealing with these BMW vehicles.

So, now you might be aware of all the most common BMW problems. After reading these issues, don’t get dispirited from buying a BMW series. You can purchase one but ensure that a reliable auto repair shop resides near you who specialize in dealing with all such BMW issues.