Car Shakes When Idle or Stopped – Why Does It Happen?

Rocking back and forth in an armchair can be fun and relaxing too. But, it feels annoying when you are sitting in a car, and it shakes for apparently no reason. It’s a time for a thorough inspection and diagnosis if you find your car shakes when idle.

What Is The Rough Idle?

When you start the engine of the car and just leave it there, no hit the gas, no acceleration or no put into gear, it’s called the idle. An idling engine will be able to maintain a stable rotational speed of about 1000 RPM. At the same time, your tachometer should be kept steady and not jumping. A smoothly idling engine can provide enough power to operate the basic system of the vehicle, such as power steering, electrical systems or cooling systems. It can be states indicate that your engine receives an unmatched amount of fuel and fuel to burn while smoothly idling engine.

why is my car shaking when idle
Have you ever met the rough idle situation? Let’s find out the reasons (photo source: Shutterstock)

And at the case when you ask: Why is my car shaking when idle? It is the time when your car has trouble with the car shakes when idle situation, such as getting up and down or struggling to maintain a steady speed. This is the time to look at the causes and fixes. When we known that, in order to maintain a smoothly idling engine, a sufficient amount of fuel and air is required, otherwise the vehicle will experience this condition. Let’s find out some of the causes below to know why car shakes when stopped.

Car Shakes When Idle – What are the Reasons?

Unlike car vibration at acceleration, tires are not the obvious culprits in this case. It rather indicates to a problem in the engine – either a broken or damaged part. Issues in the fuel system could also be a reason for car shakes when stopped.

1. Spark Plugs

car shaking when stopped
Damaged spark plugs could create this car shakes when idle (photo source: Carolus)

These are the components that you should check first car shakes when idle. Dirty or exhausted plugs cannot fire properly, which means that they don’t ignite the fuel in the piston cylinder when you turn the ignition switch on. It results in engine misfiring and vibration.

Cleaning or replacing the faulty plug will solve this problem. It’s an inexpensive repair, but the mechanic has to calibrate it correctly.

2. Vacuum Hoses

vacuum hose car shakes when stopped
Broken hose can be the reason making car shakes when stopped (photo source: wikihow)

Every vehicle has several of these connected to various engine points. Their job is to transport and dump the by-product gases from different parts. A loose, damaged, leaked, or broken hose can create several problems, and one of them is making car shakes when idle. Some other issues could be engine experiencing misfiring, stalling, or even a shutdown! However, it’s a minor problem, and any car expert can fix it in a short time. So don’t be to worry while having this car shuddering when idle problem.

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3. Motor Mount

car shakes when stopped
Motor mount is also a part to look at

What does this component do? It holds the engine in place at the time of driving. A broken or disconnected motor mount makes a car shake or engine shudder when parked idle or stopped at a stoplight. To find out if the mount is the source of the problem, shift the gear to the neutral mode to see if the shuddering reduces. It’s a sure indication that there’s something wrong with the mount.

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4. Fuel Intake System

car shakes at idle
Dirty fuel intake system is another reason. (photo source: Shutterstock)

Another reason of My car shakes when I stop problem probably is the fuel intake system. It can get dirty over time. A new one could be the issue too when it is not adjusted correctly. In both cases, it will make the engine shudder, leading to car shakes when idle. The fuel intake accumulates sludge and debris after running for thousands of miles. A congested or incorrectly installed system cannot supply the required amount of clean fuel to the engine. It results in car shakes when idle.

Remember that the similar symptoms could also be the result of a cracked or worn fuel pump. So, don’t forget to include it too on your checking list when your car shakes when idle.

5. Timing Belt

car shakes when stopped
Car shakes when idle can also because of this car part (photo source: Car Throttle)

This one along with other belt types such as V-belts and serpentine belts could create this annoying problem. So if your car shakes when idle, check out if any of these parts are broken or loose. A damaged belt will obstruct the rotation of fans and other components connected to it. What will be the outcome? Noises and pulsations in the engine!

Besides all the reasons that have been mentioned above, you can also check this video below to know how to fix this engine shakes at idle situation.

So this is the end of car shakes when idle problem, let’s take this as a way to fix and recognize whenever this situation appears. If you are interested in our maintenance tips topics, let’s follow us for more and more daily updated articles. Together for having a safe driving and satisfy your demands about car.