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How Much Gas Does Idling Use? Knowing the Facts

The engine is running, but the car is not! Commonly known as car idling, this condition is experienced on a daily basis when you stop at a red light. The other situation could be when you have started the engine but would be waiting for a friend to get in. But the question here is, does the gas get burned while idling? And, if yes, then how much gas does idling use?

Everyone has their perceptions, but knowing the technicality behind the same is important.

How Much Gas Does Idling Use? Knowing the Technical Aspect

While you would be confused between idling and shutting off the engine so that you can restart it again, getting the facts straight becomes important. Read the section below and steer clear on how much gas does a car use while idling.

1. Dependence on Engine Type

The fuel gets burned while idling is a known fact but how much is used, is the question here. A study points out at the fact that the rate of fuel consumption while idling depends from car to car. Generally, an idling car uses somewhere between 1/5 to 1/7 gallon of fuel per hour.

Compact cars that carry a 2-liter capacity engine burn around 0.16 – 0.3 gallons of gas on per hour basis. A large sedan, on the other hand, with a 4.6-liter engine, burns approximately 0.5 – 0.7 gallons of gas while idling. On should also keep in mind that the diesel engine’s fuel consumption at idle is not much. This is because of the absence of any throttle restriction.

Know about how much gas does idling use
Fuel gauge with warning indicating quantity fuel tank


2. Shutting Off and Restarting

Most people believe that when you shut off the engine and restart it when required would burn more fuel. The situation is completely different when concerned about how much gas does idling use. An idling engine for even around 10 seconds is recorded to use more fuel than the engine restart.

When less of idling is involved, less of costs are involved; thus more savings. One should also keep in mind that an engine restart does not cause much of pressure on the engine, but the idling does.

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3. Tips to Avoid Car Idling

When at a traffic signal, prefer to shut down the engine and restart it when the signal turns green. In winters, people prefer to idle the engine so that the car warms up. One should avoid doing that too. The best way to warm up an engine is to drive the car.

The statistics regarding how much gas does an idling car use; point out at another fact. Idling for about 30 minutes a day for two consecutive winter months can consume a full gas tank. One should avoid idling to reduce the carbon footprint and to save on fuel costs. Read maintenance tips for suggestions on how you can reduce the fuel costs.

Explore how much gas does idling usehow much gas does an idling car use
Statistics regarding how much gas does idling use

Watch the video below to see How much fuel a car use at idle:


Looking at how much gas does idling use; one should always try to avoid it. Be it for saving money or contributing positively towards the environment; avoiding idling can help save the day.