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What Happens When Timing Belt Breaks? The Truth

Car maintenance is not that easy that it may sounds. One has to be completely aware of what goes inside the cabin or under the bonnet. Properly maintaining a car engine is the hardest thing to do. An engine’s timing belt is one of the main components to look for after a certain interval. Timing belt is the first thing that tears apart when the engine is not appropriately preserved. The question is “What happens when timing belt breaks?” So, why not find the answer to this finicky question.

Let’s unearth what damage a broken engine belt can do to the car

What Happens When Timing Belt Breaks & What Is To Be Done?

The engine stops! Yes, this is the first thing that happens after timing belt breaks. The engine gets stuck and it can lead to piston damage as well. A broken belt can destroy internal components of the engine. The timing belt is usually a belt placed to maintain the engine mechanism working. It keeps the engine cylinder head and pistons synced.

The car manufacturing companies schedule the replacement of the timing belt after every one-lac kilometers or five running years. Getting rid of this dilemma is not that easy and one might require a professional to do the job. However, one must replace the timing belt on time to stay away from troubles later on.

Let’s talk about how to fix the engine belt by own here

1. Get Appropriate Equipment

Proper accessories and tools are vital to replace the broken timing belt accurately. Equipment like hydraulic jack, ratchets, sockets, stands, and screwdriver is important to the highest degree. Opting for the world-class timing belt would be the ultimate choice to keep the engine running for long. Replacing it after a scheduled time will assist to enjoy the longest of rides.

Ways what happens when timing belt breaks
Everyone Knew about what happens when timing belt breaks.

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2. Lift Up The Car & Loosen Front Tires

Take specific work from the hydraulic jack and loosen the front wheels. Make some space to come across the full components underneath the car engine. This is one of the main parts to work upon.

3. Remove Crank Shaft And Belt

The main shaft is present at the bottom of the engine. And, it is imperative to remove the pulley before replacing the belt. Specific equipment is required to install the new belt. Removing the accessory belt and pulley will take you close to the appropriate removable part. Timing belt failure while driving issue generally happens to the aged vehicles. The professionals maintenance tips would assist for a safe driving.

4. Remove Covers & Place New Belt

Once you are done with the removing part of belts and all. Try to remove the covers to replace the broken belt with a new one. The new belt will have the same marks like that on engine cranks. Place the belt accordingly and unite the engine again.

Latest Trend in what happens when timing belt breaks
How what happens when timing belt breaks.

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The Final Words

That’s all! This is what happens when timing belt breaks. And, the complete procedure to get rid of it as well.