Car Shakes When Braking: What You Need To Know!

Your car goes from various ups-and-downs daily. Your car gives you signals about many problems. These signals might seem normal but ignorance towards them can lead you to some big problems that might require a big amount to get rid of. The car shakes when braking is one of those signals must one should not ignore. The reason for this shaking can be anything including tires, brake rotors, or any other reason. The bottom line is its better to concern before than to cure later.

To make the driving safer and smoother, diagnose the cause of a glitch in every possible way.

Car Shakes When Braking: Common Causes

The brakes of every vehicle are available as a disc or drum and friction & resistance are the reason behind its functioning. When you feel that tremble, either low or high friction and resistance can be one of the reasons behind it. Moreover, some other reasons can be there.

1. Tires

Tires are the most common reason for those shakes. If the tires are out of balance then the staring wheel or the car shakes. According to some studies, the shaking might starts around fifty to fifty-five miles and if not handled at that time, the situation might get worst at sixty miles. But, there is nothing to worry about it as it gets better with the increasing speed. However, consulting a professional automobile mechanic for maintenance tips is useful, anyway.

car shakes when breaking
Running Out Rotor causes car shakes when breaking. Source: Daily Post Share

2. Running Out Rotor

Rotor running out can be a reason behind car shakes when braking. In this situation, the rotor might move from side to side, exceeding the maximum allowed amount, which is approximately .05mm. A dirty or rusty disc face and thin spot on the rotor could be the reason behind it.

3. Jagged Rotor

Improper tightening of the new rotor after servicing can shake the car when brakes are applied. It is necessary to tighten the rotor in a specific pattern and a precise torque specification for the smooth working of the car.

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4. Brake Caliper Striking

You can feel some vibrations through the steering wheels when the brake caliper strikes on. The situation can get worse as the car speeds up more. Moreover, you can smell a burning odor as well.

You can avoid the tire problem by buying the new and top quality one. Besides, investigating the tires before and after service is the best idea to do.

car shakes when breaking
Main causes of car shakes when breaking. Source: Car and Driver

Dealing with brakes is easy by adding the caliper during the maintenance session. If your car has travelled more than seventy-hundred miles, it is necessary to take your car for maintenance as soon as possible. You can figure out the caliper sticking by noticing the front or rear brake pads wearing more than the other does.


Visiting a top-rated automobile mechanic for consulting your car issues is the best idea. The experts can tell you the cause of car shakes when braking and can come up with the perfect solution.

You can make your car last long by using all the maintenance tips and considering the warning signs, today!

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