How to Change Car Tire in ONLY 20 Minutes

There is no sound more disheartening than the sound of the flat tire to drivers. Unfortunately, a flat tire is something to be experienced once in the life time. Moreover, sometimes it may happen at inconvenient places. Therefore drivers must be able to change tire for vehicle.

Detailed Guideline For Changing Tire Quickly

Everyone who owns a vehicle must know how to change a flat tire as you never know when you will face the need. There are many basic steps that one must follow to change the spare tire and since you don’t want to wait for long, this article will help you with the process in just 20 minutes.

Before we move further and explain the process to change the spare, the various tools that you would require for the process are:

  • A spare tire
  • Jack
  • Lug wrench

Now when we are done with the tools, let us have a look at the steps that you must follow for changing the spare tire in 20 minutes so that there is never a break in your fun driving experience or when you are in a hurry.

Changing a tire is a very important and popular car maintenance work and here is a step-wise guide to do that. Let’s get started.

Find A Suitable Place

Flat tire
Smooth road is suitable place for replacing tire (photo source: ZavgSG/Getty Images)

If you are on the roadway, the first thing to do is to pull your car away from the busy traffic road. It is also recommended to use the emergency breaks for controlling your vehicle easier.

Place your car on a flat surface in order to balance the car and avoid your car from sliding down. After that, drivers can begin the process of changing tire.

Loosen The Nuts

Loosen tire nuts
Loosen the nut for the next step (photo source: ZavgSG/Getty Images)

In order to reach to the lug nuts, remove the hubcap if your car has any. To loosen the nuts, it is recommended to use the lug wrench: Place the lug wrench on the flat tire’s lug nuts and then start rotating them in the counter clockwise direction.

Since the nuts will really be tight, driver might need a lot of strength for loosening them. Also remember that the nuts should only be loosen, not to be taken off completely.

Use The Jack

A perfect tool to replace tire (photo source: svedoliver/Depositphotos)

When taking the tire out, a tool to keep your car from unbalance is essential, and that is “the Jack”. Placing the jack near the replace tire for the contact between the jack and the wheel arch. Since many car parts are made of plastic, incorrect position of the jack can break the part during the process.

When raising the jack, drivers must make sure both the car and the jack are stable.


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Remove The Nuts And Tire

replace old tires
Replacing old tire is a technique all drivers must have. (photo source: lightpoet/Depositphotos)

Once you have taken the lug nuts away, remove the flat tire from the car and lay it flat gently on the road without rolling it on the road and making any chaos over the busy traffic.

Install The Spare Tire

Tire install
It is important to check before Installing the spare tire. (photo source:

When drivers are done with the removal, it is time to bring in the spare tire.

Put the lug nuts on the places and tighten them to meet a firm resistance and then lift the spare. It is important not to tighten the nuts completely but to place them well so that they don’t fall.

Once the lug nuts have been placed tightly, drivers can lower the jack and bring the car back to the ground.

Tighten The Nuts

tighten tire
Tighten by hand before using the tool (photo source: hoozone/Getty Images)

After turning the nuts by hand, it is recommended to use tools to tighten. To make sure the tires are in the right position, all the screws should be tighten together at the same time.