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What to Do if the Brake Pedal Goes to Floor

The brake system in your car is a sealed hydraulic system. A leak in the system is one of many reasons behind the brake pedal goes to floor. It seems scary that you have no control over the brakes but you can control this. Yes! You read it right. By following a few steps, it is possible to deal with the brake failure.

So, get ready to deal the brake pedals with some steps that are easy as pie.

Basic steps to do when brake pedal goes to floor

Whenever the brake pedal goes to the floor, don’t panic! There are numerous ways to handle this situation.

1. Downshift

This is the proven strategy of maintenance tips to downshift whenever the brake problem arises. The reason behind doing this is that in every gear, the diffusion of the car is capable of high speed, only. There are chances that your vehicle may go slow down very quickly. If the transmission is manual in your car, it is preferred to downshifted one break at a time only if there is enough space ahead of you, otherwise skip the gears. In contrast, if the transmission is automatic, going from Drive to either second or low two is optional.

2. Pump the brake pedal

Brake failure is very common and anybody can face this situation. So, if you are stuck in a situation when brakes are not responding, just pump the brake pedal. Normally, when you push the brake pedal, a piston is automatically pushed as well. This forces the fluid to trigger the brake through lines. The break is the result of leakage. However, pumping the brake pedal will prevent all the leaked fluid to run away at once. This is the best way to handle the situation when brake pedal goes to floor.

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3. Engage the emergency brake

Another formula to deal with failed breaks is to engage with the emergency brake. But, be careful, don’t just mess with the pedal by jerking over the brake handle. It gets easy when you engage the emergency with the hands and pushes down the pedal after pushing the button and lifting the handle, slowly.

How Brake pedal goes to floor
Avoiding Brake pedal goes to floor issues

But, be careful! Avoid blocking the brakes completely as this can lead you to lose control over the rear end.

4. Shut down the engine

Turning engines off works better with a manual transmission but it can work with automatic as well. Shutting down the engine doesn’t require the much strategic plan, just turn the keys off and leave the car in the gear. The will stop when the transmission, gearing differential, and the engine work together. Therefore, when you have reached a slow down the speed, stop the car with the help of emergency brake.

Tips for brake pedal goes to floor
Steps to deal with brake pedal goes to floor


When your brake pedal goes to floor remember to stay calm as getting panic can result in more problems. A calm mind is able to think clearly so, how worst the situation gets stay calm and remember the steps to deal with the brake failure.

So, when you are successful to stop the car, take it for the repair asap!