Common Brake Problems In Cars That Can TROUBLE You

Having good breaks is the way to drive right. On the contrary, malfunctioning of the brakes is one of the common issues that car drivers face often. Knowing that the breaks are passive while driving is enough to make drivers panic and lose control that, of course, leads the vehicle to doom. Therefore, keeping them repaired beforehand is the solution. So, here we are with some common brake problems where you can identify the issue happening to you and get the way to fix.

Fixing The Most Common Brake Problems

Before understanding the brake problems, let’s have a tour of the braking mechanism and how it works.

The mechanism of the brake system nowadays uses the hydraulic fluid that works to slow down the kinetic energy of a vehicle. When you press the brake with your foot, it pushes a lever further while increasing the pressure. This lever then pushes a piston that goes into a narrow cylinder filled with the hydraulic fluid. The piston squeezes the fuel further where it reached to another cylinder, a wider one.

At this stage, the piston gets pushed into the cylinder with even more force that eventually reaches the brake pad. The piston reaches the brake pad and gets rubbed against the disc brake which creates the friction and heat as well. The process then slows down the wheels and makes the vehicle stop.

Treating the brake system depends on identifying the symptoms first and treating accordingly.

1. The Marshmallow Brake

Like its name, when the brake does not feel any more or if the brake pedal goes to the floor, it is a marshmallow brake situation. The brake does not work until you force it to, and in some cases, it does not function even then. If the situation happens, you are advised not to drive any further and get the issue resolved. It is one of the common brake problems; it takes place when a leak occurs in the system.

To fix it, check the fluid reservoir and make sure the fluid is up to the recommended level. Check for the leak in the master cylinder and if you see spilled liquid there, replace the cylinder. In case you do not get it right, call the professionals.

brake problems- what everyone must know about it
It is when you feels that the brake cannot be pushed to the floor (Photo Source: shuttershock)

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2. The One Side Pull

If you are finding the car to pull one side whenever you use the brake, it can be a problem of the frozen caliper. In this case, you notice brakes stopped working suddenly, and the issue is only for one side whereas another side works well. The caliper freezes up due to the dust, debris, and other elements like rust when water goes in there.

It makes the braking uneven, and you feel a pulling-like effect when you press the brakes. Replacing the caliper can be a solution, and you can also repair it as many times it gets bent. You may also need to lubricate the caliper as it regularly calls for maintenance to make sure the braking works well.

3. The Shaking Steering Wheel

Whether you drive in the busy roads or the highway, when you apply breaks, the steering wheel shakes. This is again one of the common brake issues. In this case, rotors are responsible when they get damaged. Moisture can be the culprit that forms corrosion on the rotors; a car that stays passive for longer often forms this issue.

Replacing the rotors or repairing them can solve the issue easily. Rotors that are thick enough can be resurfaced, and you won’t feel the need to replace them.

brake problems that will surely trouble you
Moisture is the reason for the shaking (Photo Source: autoyas)

4. The Brake Pedal Going Up And Down

If you are finding the brake pedals to shake or if they move up and down, there is a problem that needs a fix. The problem is not as scary and as the first case but still, you should always keep the brakes properly working. In this situation too, the rotors stay responsible. Surfacing them is the solution else you can always make the replacement.

In the list of common brake problems, it occurs when one performs hard on the brakes while doing a rough driving. Take care of the brake pads too and make sure they are not worn out.

5. The Entire Vehicle Shaking

Sometimes, a situation arrives when applying the brakes make the whole car tremble. It indicates a problem on the rear side of the car. The problem may lie in the rear brakes, and to confirm it, you can apply the parking brake. The parking brake makes use of the rear brakes and if there is a problem you would know it. Take care of your vehicle even better by reading the Maintenance Tips here.

It is recommended to do this at a moderate speed instead of a high velocity. Get the car in an open space and try the test there, so you do not hurt anyone. As a fix, you can go and resurface the rear drums or do the replacement, and the brakes should be working fine subsequently.

brake problems that will occur, no matter what
In this case you should drive carefully (Photo Source: pixabay)

Final Thought

These are the common brake problems that once you identify come easy to fix. You can always have professional help if you do not feel driving all by yourself for the checking purposes.