Read or Miss Out! Complete Your Knowledge of Audi Transmission Problems

The transmission, which was once a component featuring a simple mechanism, has transformed into a complex component in recent years. With the increase in the number of gears and added sophistication to the technology, the problems related to transmission have also been increasing and evolving. One car brand notorious for facing such issues is Audi. The Audi transmission problems in A4 and A6 models are quite familiar.

Common Audi Transmission Problems in A4 and A6 Models

With proper maintenance, most transmissions are likely to survive years. However, the Audi owners don’t have that much of luck, especially people driving an A4 or an A6. Especially, the CVT transmission glitches of the A6 cars are the most scandalous ones as they have caused Audi to settle lawsuits with approximately 64,000 people.

audi a4 transmission problems
An Audi A4. Source: Audi

Keep reading to know the common Audi transmission problems so that you can stay alert and take necessary actions at the right time.

1. Torque Converter

This component is a part of both Audi A4 and Audi A6 transmission problems. When the car becomes a few years old, the torque converter is one of those components that will start showing some problematic symptoms.

Check Engine Light – The first sign is the coming on of the check engine light. The issues with the drivability are hard to pick up but the ECU turns on the check engine light after detecting the inconsistencies between the RPMs of the engine and the transmission input shaft. Besides, the RPM may be volatile when you speed up the car to 45mph or more.

The Clutch – In both A4 and A6 models, the torque converter’s clutch wears out with time. A defective seal is the source of the problem that causes the clutch to slip and then get destroyed eventually. The clutch could also get jammed instead of being slippery.

You should be alert for feeling a minor jolt at the time of shifting gears. If you can detect the problem at the early stage, you will have to fix it by replacing the clutch.

The Needle Bearings – If you hear a grinding sound while driving the car, you should immediately have the vehicle checked for a torque-related problem. The needle bearings are the usual suspects in this case. It is one of the Audi transmission problems that you should never ignore. Worn out bearings can permanently damage the transmission.

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2. Slow Response from the Gearbox

It is exclusive to Audi A6 transmission problems. The A6 models have automatic, CVT, and Multitronic gearbox. It is likely to be a software issue if the gear shifting feels awkward or hesitant during driving. Take a specialist’s help to reprogram the gearbox. You may even need to replace the transmission if it is a high-mileage car.

audi a6 transmission problems
The gears in A6 could shift slowly. Source: Audi 

3. Low Fluid Levels

Low-level of transmission fluid causes a problem to not only Audi cars but all types of vehicles. If the gear slips during shifting or moves slowly, check the fluid level. There could be a faulty seal in the driveshaft or the gearbox for leaking the fluid.

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