Audi Check Engine Light Comes On: What Are The Reasons?

The orange, engine-shaped icon that sometimes turns on isn’t a nuisance. Indeed, it’s a sign of something wrong with the engine components. So, when Audi check engine light turns on, remember that it’s pointing towards a component that either is screaming for immediate repair or replacement.

Top 5 Reasons of Audi Check Engine Light in ON

When suddenly the check engine light switches on, the most comfortable car like Audi also sets the panic. However, without thinking about the worst conditions pointing towards the activated check engine light, simply find the component associated with the cause.

1. Spark Plug Or Plug Wires

The spark plug receives electricity from the plug wire. In case of bad spark plug wires, a tremendous drop in gas mileage and engine performance is noticed that demands its replacement.

Even the worn out or damaged spark plugs can cause random jolts of acceleration, indicating a misfire in the combustion chamber.

2. Catalytic Converter

Responsible for converting carbon monoxide into the carbon dioxide generated during the combustion process, it’s wise to follow its maintenance tips for preventing any sort of failure.

Turning on Audi check engine light
Audi check engine light comes on. Source: Alibaba

In case, the catalytic converter gets clogged, you may hear unusual sounds and notice emission of discolored smoke from the exhaust. Affecting both the gas exhilaration and mileage, the problem with this component usually turn on the Audi check engine light.

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3. Gas Cap

During loose gas cap, the fuel vapors leak out from the cap into the atmosphere. This increases the health as well as emissions problems. Also, reducing gas mileage, if while tightening the gas cap one notices the faulty cap, then its repair or replacement is the only solution left in hand.

4. Mass Airflow Sensor

Undoubtedly, your car needs mass airflow sensor to run smoothly. Measuring the barometric pressure, air entering the combustion’s system, and humidity, it works with the oxygen sensor.

Failing to perform normally, the car will find it difficult to adjust with the changes in altitude and other outside road conditions. Moreover, it will reduce the gas mileage by 25 percent. Additionally, the failure symptoms may sound similar to the ones observed with spark plugs. Therefore, you must seek help of the professional, who can locate the actual cause of the problem and treat it timely.

5.Oxygen Sensor

The component works along with the MAF and monitors the unburned oxygen. Also, assisting in the un-burnt fuel measurement, if the part is damaged- it may provide inaccurate data to the computer. As a result, the gas mileage will decrease.

Moreover, the faulty oxygen sensor leads to irreparable damage for which you will be obliged to pay a hefty price. The main reason for its failure is oil ash that covers the sensor and reduces the ability to change fuel mixture and oxygen.

Why Audi check engine light turns on
How Audi check engine light turns on. Source: GDL Automotive

Hope, after knowing what causes Audi check engine light turns on, you can locate the problem and get it repaired immediately.