8 Mind-Blowing Tips to Save Fuel for Your Car

Car fuel is something that is always expensive, even when the prices go down in the international markets. So, all the tips to save fuel will be welcoming to the drivers and car owners who have been struggling to keep up with the gas price. Besides, consuming less oil will reduce your carbon footprint and save the environment in the process.

Some Mind-Blowing Tips to Save Fuel

These days, lots of people buy electric or hybrid cars just to minimize the cost of petrol. However, there are still many ways to save fuel even if you are not lucky enough to own a fuel-efficient vehicle. Take a look:

#1. Be strategic when scheduling your trips

Starting the engine every time burns more oil than running it at a steady speed. However, the level increases when you switch it on after parking for a few hours. A cold engine burns more fuel for the first five miles than a vehicle that is on the run. So, instead of going out separately to the super shop or pick up your kids from school, try to cover everything in just one or two trips.

#2. Drive smoothly

Driving techniques can influence oil consumption and increase the lifespan of the parts. You just have to avoid sudden and hard braking and to apply light throttle.

Driving techniques can influence oil consumption.
Driving techniques can influence oil consumption. (photo source: Lexus)

#3. Avoid rough roads

Driving on the streets that have excessive dirt or gravel can cause you 30% extra gas mileage. The drivers have to apply more throttle every time the wheels bounce up and down, which leads to more oil consumption.


#4. Don’t try to speed up when you’re driving uphill

Climbing a rocky road already demands your engine to do extra work to overcome gravity. Trying to increase the speed will simply cause wastage of fuel.

Don’t try to speed up when you’re driving uphill
Don’t try to speed up when you’re driving uphill (photo source: Land Rover)

#5. Keep the air-conditioning off when it’s not hot outside

Some people keep it on through the year round, irrespective of the weather condition. But, it burns fuel, and you can save it by simply turning the switch off.

#6. Check the engine regularly

Damaged and old engine parts consume more oil than the newer ones. So, do regular check-ups in case if they need any tune-up.

#7. Check for any misalignment

All the chassis and suspension parts need to be aligned properly. Otherwise, they increase the drivetrain drag, causing the engine to burn more oil.

#8. Use the manufacture-recommended oil

Because it helps the engine to run smoothly and increases the mileage in the process. For example, consumption will increase by 1 or 2% if you use 5W-30 grade lubricant for your car instead of the recommended 10W-30.

Use the manufacture-recommended oil
Use the manufacture-recommended oil (photo source: Jiffy Lube)

If you are careful, these tips to save fuel is not hard to follow. Besides, saving money on petrol will free up your cash for other things. And if you like to update more information about car maintenance, follow our website to daily updated all new articles that can help you in driving.