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5 Fantastic Tips to Extend Your Car Battery Life

5 Fantastic Tips to Extend Your Car Battery Life
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Before delving deep into the matter, you should know that car battery life is fixed, and you can’t extend it beyond that lifespan. However, many people need to change it in every 2 to 3 years while the normal lifespan is almost 3 to 5 years, depending on the make and capacity. You can definitely prevent the batteries dying early by following some simple car battery maintenance tips.

Car Battery Life: How to Make It Last Longer

The automotive battery does the job of transforming chemical energy into electrical form. It provides a significant amount of on-demand current to power up onboard electrical appliances, lights, and start the engine. The performance declines with time, but you can slow the process down. Learn, how to boost your car battery life with these tricks:

Routine inspection, at least once in a month, helps

The terminals corrode over time, leading to the destruction of connection between the battery and the vehicle. You can’t stop it, but regular maintenance will keep them clean of the buildup. Acidic or alkaline properties dissolve that corrosion. So, you can scrub the places with an anti-seize lubricant, a mixture of baking soda and water, or cola to remove the corrosion. Next, wash with water and dry with a piece of cloth. Rub some petroleum jelly on the affected areas to prevent future erosion.

car battery maintenance tips
Cleaning the corrosion regularly will extend the battery life.

Don’t turn on the accessories while idling

The battery is designed to supply a sudden burst of power to the ignition, not for providing energy for electronics and other devices for a prolonged period. Besides, the alternator generates electricity and charges the battery when the engine is on. So, operating lights, radio, and other electronics when the car is idling puts unnecessary pressure on the battery and damage it in the long run.

Avoid short rides as much as possible

The power cells take a minimum time to get fully charged and operate in full force. Make them work when they are not completely functional will only affect the performance of the battery. You need to drive the vehicle often and for longer periods. Shorter rides will ultimately result in declining the car battery life.


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Proper storage is essential when unused for a long time

Extended inactive periods are not good for the health of either the automobile or the battery. You need to drive the car regularly to make the power cells retain the adequate charge. If your prized Mercedes-Benz only adds to the aesthetic of the garage most of the times, store the battery in a temperature-controlled chamber. Put it on a trickle charger occasionally to keep it operational.

boost your car Battery Life
If you don’t drive much, store the battery for an extended lifespan

Use a charger

It’s common to find a dead car battery after returning from a vacation. It happens because the accessories keep drawing energy even when the car is not running. You can use a solar or regular charger that will supply power to the electronics. So, the fully charged state will make your car battery last longer whether you take the car to frequent short trips or leave it idle for weeks.

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  • January 4, 2018 at 5:06 pm

    thank you for your tips especially engine vibration and prolong battery life span

  • January 10, 2018 at 10:11 pm

    A dead battery might be the number one cause of the car breakdown. Taking proper care of your car battery is possibly the most suited way to prolong its longevity. A car battery has a certain life- expectancy(~4-5 years with good care). That means no matter, whether you use or not, if your car battery meets its calendar life, then you have to replace it in order to navigate without the likelihood of an unwanted mechanical failure. Yes, by turning the lights off when the vehicle is not in the state of operation, using the accessories gently when the automotive engine is off, monitoring the performance of the battery regularly, topping off the battery fluid timely, cleaning the battery terminal, you can surely extend your car battery life. Although this maintenance chore is not so demanding, still you can take the help of an efficient car professional for the same purpose.


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