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How to Start a Car with a Dead Battery Without Jumper Cables?

It’s easy to start a car at your place or within the city by using jumper cables or with the assistance of a trained mechanic. But, what if you’re in the middle of nowhere? Hopefully, you won’t leave the car on the road and start walking for miles. Therefore, to always stay ready and start your car without any external assistance, learn – how to start car battery without jumper cables.

How to Start Car Battery Without Jumper Cables – Tips to Know!

Whether you own a manual or automatic transmission car, there’re different basics for starting each type of engine. To know the tips according to your car’s type, explore the information below.

1. Start a Manual Car Without Cables

Hill Push Method

This is one of the most common and preferred methods while people are traveling in the hilly area. All you need is a push vehicle, a hill, and group of people to push the car down the hill on road.

Now, firstly, get the car in gear and try to roll it down the road at a speed of 5mph. During this process, take your foot off the brake, simultaneously release the handbrake, and press the clutch for the car to roll. Next, turn the key in the ignition with the clutch still pressed.

If this doesn’t seem to work, finally release the clutch into second gear and push the accelerator with the key turning in the ignition. This method will surely start your car!

Useful tips to know How to start car battery without jumper cables
Process of How to start car battery without jumper cables

Using Battery Charger

In case you are in the plain area, the above method doesn’t make any sense. So, here you can try this out if have plenty of time in hand. Just locate an AC plug nearby if possible and attach the inexpensive charger to the plug. Now, let the car battery charge for certain hours, as this method of “How to Start Car Battery Without Jumper Cables,” will slowly bring the dead battery into action.

Note: List of best trickle charger products recommended for you here.

Using Solar Charger

Last but not the least for a manual car, you can also try charging the dead battery using solar power. Just place the solar panel on the car’s dashboard (in a way that it receives enough sunlight). Next, plug it into the cigarette lighter point of the car. The process will charge the dead battery ensuring the smooth start without using jumper cables.

Note: If the plug is left unattended for hours, this may top off the car battery.

2. Start an Automatic Car Without Cables

For automatic cars, there’s only one ideal method, which is similar to the one used for manual cars i.e. Rolling down the hill. By following the same principles as with a manual vehicle, try initiating the car’s engine while riding the car down the hill-road.

      SEE MORE:

Amateur Method of Starting the Car Dead Battery

If you have enough strength, then you can also try this method out by using sufficient rope. Just lift the wheel-shaft, wrap it with the rope and lastly, pull it using all your strength with gear in the transmission and the ignition on. This applied motion will help in staring the car’s combustion cycle.

Know about how to start car battery without jumper cables
Explore how to start car battery without jumper cables

Finally, after gathering this vital piece of information- how to start car battery without jumper cables, you can easily maintain the car yourself, irrespective of the place.

  1. papito joe says

    Clearly expound on how to start an automatic vehicle without jumpers cables if the battery is dead

    1. Kahara Dave says

      In most (if not all) cases, you cannot “bump-start” a car equipped with an automatic transmission by getting it rolling “in gear” (either by pushing, pulling, rolling down a hill, or otherwise).

      There are a few reasons, all of which tend to have to do with fluid pressure.

      First, many/most automatic transmissions utilize a fluid coupler called a torque converter to connect the engine to the transmission. The engine turns the outer housing of the torque converter, which has vanes inside it. The vanes move through fluid and cause the fluid to begin to flow around within the torque converter. This fluid flow then turns a similar set of vanes on an impeller within the torque converter housing, but not connected to it. The impeller *is* connected to the automatic transmission’s input shaft. If that sounds sorta complicated, imagine two house fans facing each other. If you turn one on, the other will eventually start to rotate as the air moved by the first pushes against the blades of the second. That’s what a torque converter does … but with fluid instead of air, and much higher speeds and pressures.

      So, thinking about such an arrangement for a moment, you can imagine that it takes considerable RPM to get the fluid flowing enough to move the impeller. Well, bump-starting would need to obtain an even greater RPM, because you’d be doing the opposite: using the smaller impeller to drive the bigger housing, which is connected to the engine, which tends to resist turning due to compression within the cylinders.

      But things don’t even get that close when trying to bump-start a car with an automatic transmission.

      To oversimplify things a bit: The input shaft of an automatic transmission drives a fluid pump that forces fluid through the various passages in the transmission to cause the planetary gearset to engage its various gears to ultimately cause the output shaft to rotate. But when the engine isn’t running, the input shaft isn’t turning, so the fluid pump isn’t turning, so there isn’t any fluid pressure to engage the planetary gears . So, even though you can cause the output shaft to rotate by pushing the car, it won’t cause the input shaft to turn.

      There are some great “how it works” pages on the web to help explain this better if you want to know more. Just google it.

  2. Nicholas says

    Could you do a brief demonstration video of how to be doing some of the stuff like jump starting automatic without jumpers…sounds a bit technical…useful episodes u have…keep it up

  3. James says

    You have not explained whether to put it in neutral, drive or which gear. This may be a sure way to ruin your cars gearbox.

    1. Phillip Moriss says

      Start always in neutral

  4. Kimanya says

    Can u demastrate on how to start car outmatic car with jampers sound funny to me

    1. Alexander kyalo says

      Yeah I think for the first time I am following a lie from their post,because u can not roll an automatic car down the hill definitely the brakes won’t work

  5. Hilary says

    Im an arfent follower of your writing. Thank u for giving us vital information. However this one of today isnot workable. First, im a master of starting manual cars with the pushing method. What u have described is inadequate and confusing. Secondly, u can’t roll an auto car down the hill in drive. The brakes will fail and the ignition wont work. Explain further how the roll method can work safely and successfully in auto cars

  6. Packson Mumba says

    Please can you elaborate further on how to start an automatic vehicle.

  7. Peter Chipili says

    Very educative

  8. Moore Denise says

    I roled an automatic car downhill in drive and the engine started. I never tried it again thinking that it ruins the engine.

    1. Pilirani Magwera says

      This is my first time to hear that automatic cars can start the engine through rolling

  9. Abraham kabwe says

    Hello team.

    Pls help me. My air blower fan is constantly at high speed. It’s clear the blower resister not okay, I can’t replace it because I don’t know where it is hidden, I have tried to search for it ,no good results. My car is a toyota Nadia Model 1999 . were is the exact location of this blower urgent.

  10. Fletcher says

    Not clear on automatic vehicle as not well elaborated as manual one

  11. Bob m Phillips says

    You did not explain if the auto engine batt can be charged by solar as in manual, if not, is there any damage caused by solar charging in Auto engines?

  12. Engoru Denis says

    I would like to use a flash for playing music in my car, the system i have does not support, harrier 2004 model. What do I do? Please help

  13. francis schwalm says

    I would love to see a demonstration of starting a car by wrapping a rope around the rear tire. Especially an automatic. I would not attempt it or recommend it, but would love to see some redneck attempt it. Just for the record….. Not all automatic cars can be started by pushing or rolling down a hill. The ones that you CAN start that way have to be going 25 to 35 miles an hour. Even if you live in Pittsburgh or San Francisco you better not try this if you have power steering or power brakes. Going downhill at 35 miles an hour with almost no brakes and poor steering can get you into a heap of trouble. I say the writer should write about something that he has some firsthand knowledge. Squido

    1. Ssembwere Moses says

      Francis i 100% AGREE with u automatic cars brakes are always stiff and cant press down when not in igntion,so one can’t risk sloping a hill with a car whose brakes are not working…so this method may not work at all with automatic cars

  14. John Maina says

    For an automatic car the explanation is total crap … suicidal

  15. Frank Lapi says

    It would be nice to see a demo vedio of an auto push start. What happens to the controls when there’s no flow of power?

  16. George Lengwe says

    Is it the same way as pushing

    1. MANGENI says

      the pushing of an automatic car to start on mi side its like a dream ,

  17. Oz says

    Automatic cars cannot be started by rolling..there is no way..youll end up with a broken gearbox

  18. Ojdiddoit says

    I’m wondering if this guy is really Japanese, rolling a car down a hill with no brakes no steering come on!

  19. Paul Cawson says

    If the ECU does not see >9v in the battery it will not let the injectors fire. Going down hill in a car with no PAS or brake servo is not good practice.

  20. John Simmons says

    40 years ago, due to the low compression of the engine, I could push start my standard transmission VW Beetle on level ground by myself. In neutral, ignition on, push at the open drivers door until rolling good, jump in, clutch in, pop into third gear and release the clutch. Unless you parked at the bottom of a dead end hill, you always have a level or downhill route.

  21. Madzhuda D says

    Push starting an auto is total crap!

  22. hansley chalira says

    What if the car is automatic transmission

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