How to Start a Car with a Dead Battery Without Jumper Cables?

To always stay ready and start your car without any external assistance, learn how to start car battery without jumper cables with Car From Japan.

It’s easy to start a car at your place or within the city by using jumper cables or with the assistance of a trained mechanic. But, what if you’re in the middle of nowhere? Hopefully, you won’t leave the car on the road and start walking for miles. 

How to Start Car Battery Without Jumper Cables – Tips to Know!

Whether you own a manual or automatic transmission car, there are different basics for starting each type of engine. To know the tips according to your car’s type, explore the information below.

1. Start a Manual Car Without Cables

Hill Push Method

This is one of the most common and preferred methods while people are traveling in the hilly area. All you need is a push vehicle, a hill, and a group of people to push the car down the hill on the road.

Now, firstly, get the car in gear and try to roll it down the road at a speed of 5mph. During this process, take your foot off the brake, simultaneously release the handbrake, and press the clutch for the car to roll. Next, turn the key in the ignition with the clutch still pressed.

If this doesn’t seem to work, finally release the clutch into second gear and push the accelerator with the key turning in the ignition. This method will surely start your car!

Using Battery Charger

In case you are in the plain area, the above method to jump start a car without jumper cables doesn’t make any sense. So, here you can try this out if you have plenty of time in hand. 

Just locate an AC plug nearby if possible and attach the inexpensive charger to the plug. 

how to start an automatic car with a dead battery
Using a battery charger to start a car without jumper cables. (Photo: Car and Driver)

Now, let the car battery charge for certain hours, as this method of how to start car battery without jumper cables will slowly bring the dead battery into action.

Note: List of best trickle charger products recommended for you here.

Using Solar Charger

For a manual car, you can also try charging the dead battery using solar power. Just place the solar panel on the car’s dashboard (in a way that it receives enough sunlight). 

Next, plug it into the cigarette lighter point of the car. The process will charge the dead battery ensuring a smooth start without using jumper cables.

Note: If the plug is left unattended for hours, this may top off the car battery.

Use Push Start Method

Another method you can use to jump start car without cables when it suddenly stops is using a push start method.

Push-starting (or bump-starting), is a method you can do yourself to revive an engine by spinning it to life by hand rather than using a battery-powered starter. You’ll need a short, flat stretch of roadway or a modest slope, as well as a strong companion or two to push your car.

Here is the simple tutorials for your references

  • Direct your supporters to the back of the automobile and instruct them to prepare to push.
  • Get in the driver’s seat and flip the car key on.
  • While holding the parking brake, engage the clutch and transfer to the second gear. You should not use the first gear since it may make your automobile back excessively.
  • Release the parking brake. 
how to jump a car without cables
Push-starting is a method you can do yourself to revive an engine by spinning it to life by hand. (Photo: Emanual Online)
  • Let off the brake and start pushing the car with your companions.
  • Release the clutch sharply at roughly 5 mph. As the engine engages, it may splutter or buck somewhat.
  • If the engine starts, you’ve succeeded.
  • If not, repeat the operation at a faster pace.
  • If the car still stalls, the problem may not be the battery.

Use a Jump-Start Box

The following method for you to learn more about how to start a car with a dead battery without another car is using a jump-start box. Jump boxes are tiny portable batteries with jumper wires attached to them. 

They also employ software to minimize voltage spikes, which can harm your vehicle’s electrical system, making them safer than jumper cables. 

Some models have onboard safety lights, AC outlets, and USB charging connectors. They’re also cheap and widely accessible at hardware, car parts, and internet retailers. 

For what they can accomplish, it’s worth investing in a jump-start box and having it in your car in case of an emergency.

The steps on how to do it is pretty simple and take not so much time:

  • Check the jump-start to see if it is fully-charged
  • Most modern jump starters come with integrated cables, but if you don’t have them, connect your wires to the jump starter’s correct (positive and negative) bases. 
  • Connect the red clamp to the dead battery’s positive post (+ symbol or red cover).
  • Connect the black clamp to a bare, unpainted metal surface on the vehicle’s frame. 
  • Turn on the jump starter as indicated after everything is connected.
  • Start the car after a few moments.
  • If the engine does not start, wait a few minutes for the battery to charge before trying again.
  • Turn off the power switch on the jump starter.
  • Remove the clamps in the opposite order: black from the grounded surface, and red from the dead battery. 
how to start a dead battery without another car
The steps on how to start car without jumper cables using a jump-start box are pretty simple and take not so much time. (Photo: CNET)

2. Start an Automatic Car Without Cables

For automatic cars, there’s only one ideal method, which is similar to the one used for manual cars i.e. Rolling down the hill. By following the same principles as with a manual vehicle, try initiating the car’s engine while riding the car down the hill road.

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Amateur Method of Starting the Car Dead Battery

If you have enough strength, then you can also try this method out by using a sufficient rope. Just lift the wheel shaft, wrap it with the rope. 

And lastly, pull it using all your strength with the gear in the transmission and the ignition on. This applied motion will help in starting the car’s combustion cycle. 

FAQs on How To Start Car Battery Without Jumper Cables

What is the alternative to jumper cables to start a car battery?

A booster pack, jump starter, or jump box is another typical piece of equipment used to restart automotive batteries. Unlike jumper wires, a booster pack does not require a second battery to function. 

Can we use normal wire as jumper cable?

Yes, but the outcomes will vary. Wires in the US use the gauge technique, which means that the larger the number, the thinner the wire, and only even numbers are utilized. 

It is possible to recharge a battery using 10 or 12 gauge cables, but it will take hours.

Can you jump start a car with your hands?

No. The 12-14v supplied by a decent battery is insufficient to conduct through human flesh.

What common home objects can you use to jump start a car battery?

If you’re in a panic and need to restart your car battery without jumper wires, a drill battery or a can of coke will suffice. But you need to be careful with what you can and should do because not everyone can pull off a successful battery-jumping project at home.

how to start your car without jumper cables
With good base knowledge, you can use some common home objects to jump start a car battery. (Photo: Kelley Blue Book)

How long should a car be run after a battery-jumping?

After a battery-jumping, you should let the car run for at least 25 to 30 minutes because it takes at least half an hour to charge a dead battery properly.

In the worst case, how can I contact the supported center if no methods above are working and I’m in the middle of nowhere? 

Roadside help is frequently included in the insurance plan for your automobile or motorbike. However, you should check your exact coverage—roadside assistance phone numbers are typically displayed on your insurance card.

Local towing companies will offer jump starts for dead batteries.

  • Call Roadside Assistance from AAA
  • Allow time for roadside help.
  • Tell the service technician about your car’s status
  • To express gratitude, you can tip them if you like.


Finally, after gathering all these vital pieces of information on how to start car battery without jumper cables, you can easily maintain the car yourself, irrespective of the place.