Tips For Using A Car Trickle Charger

We use car trickle charger to recharge the car battery. It keeps adding on charge to the battery of the car gradually. There, however, is a debate on for how long a trickle charger can remain attached to the battery. This is no surprise since there are different types of car trickle charger as well.

To make the most out of trickle battery charger you have to know when and how to use a trickle charger. The use of such a device is necessary if you do not drive your car that much. Using a trickle battery charger ensures that in the time of emergency, the car starts without any trouble. Trickle  charger replenishes the battery, even when it is not in use for a long time.

How to Use a Car Trickle Charger

Trickle chargers work in a way to recharge the car battery at an optimum level, without overcharging it. It often even discharges on purpose to avoid overcharging.

The use of trickle battery charger is very common and simple. There are usually two alligator clips and a power cable in the device. One thing you must make sure is to verify that the amperage and voltage are set properly. Also, inspect the buttons and the switches and adjust them before connecting the device to the battery.

1. Make Sure The Battery Is Ready

You should take all precautions to make sure nothing is going out of hand. At first, park your vehicle in a ventilated place and where rainwater can’t reach. Also, remove the key and turn off the engine.

Using a Car Trickle Charger

2. Attach Cables

Now attach the alligator clips. You will find two clips: one red and another black. The red one is the positive – so attach it to the positive terminal. Once you have connected the red cable, now go for the black one to attach it to a suitable ground location. Before plugging it in, attach it solidly. As soon as you turn on the charger, keep your hands away, to avoid shocks and other injuries.

Once everything is in order, connect the trickle battery charger to a power outlet.

3. Turn on Charger

After you established a connection see the manual to verify all particulars have been followed for the type of battery in your car. After plugging it, turn it on. Read the amp meter carefully to see whether the battery is fully charged or dead.

Inspect the display to see if the charging process is running properly. If trickle battery charger can’t charge the battery even after a few minutes, the car battery is probably dead.

You can keep a trickle battery charger connected to the battery for a long time without any negative impact if it complies. Otherwise, you need to remove it after a few days, only. The best practice is going over the manual of the trickle charger that you are using.

Trickle Charger Buyer’s Guide

Both overcharging and leaving your battery uncharged may result in a dead battery. When you don’t drive your vehicle frequently, it loses charge on a daily basis. A two amp six and twelve-volt trickle battery charger is standard for multiple uses at a time. If you want to see more, here is the list of top 10 best trickle charger reviews completed by auto experts for you.

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How long does it take to trickle charge a dead battery?

A normal trickle charger often operate at 2 amps and it’s going to take a long time to charge up your dead battery. The amount of charging time is up to the amp + the size of your battery and the amp of the car trickle charger that you are planning to use. A low amp charger requires up to 24 hours to charge your car battery properly but a high low amp charger, 40 amp charger for example,  takes you only one hour or less to do charging job successfully.

Can a trickle charger ruin a battery?

In the past, if you leave your battery connected to a trickle charger for a long period of time, it will result in overcharging, producing destruction to your car battery. But nowadays, with the skyscraping development of technology, trickle chargers are often equipped with an automatic function which can switch to a float-mode when the battery is charged fully. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if you leave your car battery with a trickle charger for long time.

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