5 Advantages of Buying New Tires

Proper maintenance of your vehicle not only extends its lifespan but also saves you a lump sum on repair and servicing costs. An effective way to extend your car’s longevity is to keep the tires in good condition. However, it’s wise to replace worn out ones with new tires because good tires ensure the safety of the vehicle, provide better traction, and give better driving experience.

Many people are reluctant to buy new tires for saving money, but the cost is minimal if compared to the many benefits they provide. Check out 5 unique advantages of buying new tires:

Ensure Better Safety

If you drive a lot or often go on road trips with your loved ones, safety is the feature that you should pay your attention first. Depending on the tire quality and the condition of the roads you are driving on, a set of new tires will keep you and your passengers safe for the next 65,000 to 100,000 miles of driving.

You can buy brand new good-quality tires for around $400-$500. Take good care of them, and they will serve you for a couple of years.

new tires advantages

Photo Credit: Coho Auto Repair

Give Better Traction

New tires make it easier to stop, go, and turn your vehicle. They have better tread patterns that help them having a better grip on the road surface. So, whether there’s dirt, mud, snow, or water on the road, a set of new tires will save your car from slides and skids.

Provide Better Gas Mileage

Old tires have uneven tread patterns that require the driver to put more effort to move and turn the car, which directly affects the gas mileage. By replacing them with new ones, you can reduce the fuel usage of your vehicle. However, to ensure the maximum fuel efficiency and to prevent premature wear and tear, ask the mechanics to mount, align, balance, and inflate them properly.

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Deliver Better Performance on Road

Worn out tires have little or no tread left on them. As a result, you have to work harder and your car needs to push more power to the ground to brake or take any turn. Besides, they also make it difficult to stop the car quickly in time of emergency, which may lead to accidents. So, buy new tires to get better performance from your vehicle.

Comfortable Drive

New tires offer better grip on the road, making driving a smooth and comfortable experience. Besides, they generate less noise if compared to worn out tires. So, buying new tires can give you really quiet, smooth, and comfortable drive, especially when you are taking long highway trips.

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When to Replace Your Old Tires?

You should replace the tires if they look worn out or are showing metal. However, you can contact an auto repair shop to find out how much tread life is left in them. The mechanics of the shop can also give you valuable suggestions regarding your new tire purchase.