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Top 4 Recurring Transmission Maintenance Services

In order to keep your vehicle running efficiently and smoothly, routine transmission maintenance is a must. A fixed number of services are required to be performed to make sure the transmission maintenance is complete. As a part of regular maintenance, have your mechanic check if all components are in good shape and oiled. A general inspection and fluid replacement is a part of basic maintenance. To find out any major issues, lift inspections are necessary. Gaskets and filters will point out any minor fixes that are necessary.

Car maintenance

Auto experts advise going for such a service after every couple of years or 30,000 miles, whichever happens first. Unless your vehicle’s transmission maintenance is overdue, total transmission flush will not be necessary. Besides, grim or sludge buildup, or burnt color or smell of the old fluid means it’s time for a full flush. The replacement of old fluid and simple drainage would be well-enough, if the transmission has been undergoing routinely performed scheduled maintenance from before.

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Changing the Pan Gasket

Routine transmission maintenance starts with the replacement of the pan gasket. The location of the gasket is the lip or rim of the transmission pan. As time goes by, the pan gasket could be cracked and worn, which effectively leads to leaks. When your car loses transmission fluids, it shifts improperly, paving the way for critical mechanical issues and safety issues. You can easily replace the gasket just by lowering the transmission; and, in comparison to other car parts the gasket is quite cheap. Simply clean the existing gasket if it’s not so cracked or damaged, or seems to be in a good condition.

 Changing the pan gasket

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Remove and Clean Grime 

Grime, dirt, and fluid buildup may result in different issues. So, removal of sludge is a part of routine maintenance. You should be wiping out all the debris. The procedure also includes cleaning the gasket and the transmission pan. Also make sure to clean up any fluid dripped during the maintenance job.

Remove and Clean Grime   

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Replacing The Transmission Filter

If possible, you should consider replacing the old seal and transmission filter. Transmission is likely to wear out as a result of clogging and dirt. So, it is important that you replace the filter. When the transmission pan is off, you ought to replace this filter, which is also inexpensive.

Replacing The Transmission Filter

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Transmission Fluid

While replacing gaskets and filters, the transmission fluid will drain out. So after every maintenance job, you need to get it back to the optimum level. Use the dipstick tube around the engine to refill fluids. Perform this action when everything is back in position and you have bolted back the transmission. To adjust the fluid level appropriately and to select the right transmission fluid, follow the manufacturer’s guideline for your vehicle.

Changing transmission fluid

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  1. kagoda kagoda moses says

    so nice

  2. Gertrude says

    Thanks for these tips,they are very helpful. They also add ts my vehicle knowledge.

    1. Trang Tran says

      We are glad that you like the article. Don’t forget to share with your friends!

  3. Bowie Ramrattan says

    I have a Toyota pick up truck and the service company said every 40,000 KM you should change the transmission fluid which is fine, but the problem is should you use the vacuum system to suck out all fluid which would be about 12quarts or just removed the lines under the radiator and just replaced that amount which drains naturally which is about 4 quarts.

  4. Noah cooper says

    There is no doubt that without proper maintenance car couldn’t run smoothly. Transmission is an important component of the vehicle which needs maintenance at a regular interval like other components of the vehicle. Use of clogged transmission filter could affects the performance of the transmission in a very adverse way. So, the condition of transmission filter needs to be inspected after certain time interval and if clogged or damaged, then should be replaced with suitable substitutes.

  5. Hector Uba says

    It’s great that you elaborated on the different things you should do to maintain your transmission. I never knew that there was a transmission filter for the fluid and that you had to change it. My transmission has been acting up recently and slipping; I will be sure to talk about this when I visit the mechanic.

  6. Billy nixon says

    I appreciate your suggestion to inspect the condition of different components of the transmission along with lubricant used in it. By doing so, we could identify abnormal components of the transmission and repair such components with suitable substitutes. Apart from this, fluid used in the transmission for the purpose of lubrication needs regular inspection and degraded fluid should be replaced with suitable substitutes.

  7. Kacie Goodman says

    Transmission is one of the important component in a vehicle. So we should maintain it properly. Transmission fluid plays a major role in transmission. So, it should be inspected at regular intervals, every 15,000 miles generally. We should use the right kind of transmission fluid. Our car’s transmission should be flushed regularly. We shouldn’t change gears while the car is moving. Along with transmission fluid all other components of transmission should be inspected properly and if any component is found to be damaged, it should be repaired immediately.

  8. Ridley Fitzgerald says

    Thanks for the advice for transmission repair. I like how you said that most experts say it’s smart to get it checked out every 30,000 miles. We’ve never had ours even looked at, so I’m sure it needs maintenance pretty badly.

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