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4 DIY Steps For Fixing Your Car’s Dents

4 DIY Steps For Fixing Your Car’s Dents
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If you are driving, car dents and scratches are pretty certain. Even if you take full care and attention to avoid any damage, you cannot guarantee what happens in parking lots, with footballs, sudden appearances of light posts and shopping carts. But every time it is not required to take your car to auto body shop for fixing and removing dents. Many a times, dents and scratches are pretty minor ones. So, why to spend 100-200 dollars for the same? There are few DIYs for fixing a dent in your car that will save your hard earned money.


Removing Dents With A Plunger

Other than unclogging drains, plunger can also fix medium sized car dents. What you need to do is put some water on the dent and a plunger cup. Now make plunger do its suction work by pushing and pulling, till the dent pops out. Make sure that you use the cup plunger which is made for sinks not the flange one for toilets. Remember if the car dent is bigger than plunger cup or bit complex, the trick may not work effectively. If dent is of reasonably small or medium size, plunging firmly will bring your car back to normal in few minutes.

Using Hair Dryer To Fix A Dent

This is another popular method for repair dents in a car. The method needs two tools: a hair dryer and compressed air. Switch on the hair dryer and make it heat the dent with its highest temperature. It will expand the car surface and as soon as it gets hot enough, turn the can of compressed air upside down. Keep spraying and because of contraction, the dent will pop out. Wipe the liquid residue of compressed air very gently with a clean and soft cloth.

Another option is that after heating the dent with hair dryer, place an aluminum foil over it. Wear heavy duty gloves and start rubbing some dry ice across the foil until you hear a pop sound. It generally takes few minutes. Once done, remove the foil and dispose it in the trash.

Removing Car Dents With Boiling Water

In case of many minor accidents, bumper is the part which bears the damage. For this, you might have to take bumper off. All you need to do is pour hot boiling water on the bumper dent. As soon as pouring is done, try to pop in the dent from behind. Since the dent area would have expanded with heat, it is easier to put it back into the shape. Keep dumping boiling water, till you are done. If you are finished with popping it back into the shape, pour some cold water over the area to shrink it back into place.

Use Vacuum Cleaner & Pot

Professionals use suction to pull out a dent. You can also do the same if the puller has correct amount of suction power. What you need is: a bucket or pot, vacuum cleaner and tape roll. If used correctly, this can be a big help if fixing a car dent. To take off with this method, make a small hole under the pot or bucket, tape it around the car dent and place hose of vacuum cleaner over the hole. Now, switch on the vacuum cleaner. The created suction will pop out the dent.

All these solutions take few minutes for removing dents and dings. You don’t have to be an automobile expert to fix minor damages. Let’s learn to repair such small marring with simple available tools.

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