Volkswagen Jetta Vs Toyota Corolla – The Differences

Speaking of some of the best car brands in the market today, we have Volkswagen and Toyota on the list. Everyone is well aware of these big names that are dominating the car industry. Drivers and even passengers always appreciate the comfort and safety that they feel while sitting in these cars. It goes for both these brands naming Toyota and Volkswagen. The former is the Japanese brand, and the latter is German. The manufacturers take great pride in satisfying all the vehicle-related needs of their customers with both these cars. That’s why it is tough to differentiate Volkswagen Jetta vs Toyota Corolla. The reason is the features that they come along with. One offers better acceleration and high quality interiors and other has better mileage and life.

Toyota Corolla is famous for reliability. The car comes with safety features like cruise control and pre-collision warning. Volkswagen Jetta has some remarkable tech features. The sporty look of the car attracts larger audiences. Safety features in Jetta include automatic emergency braking system. These automobiles are the best selling sedans around the globe.

Let us compare these vehicles to know the real difference between the two.

The Detailed Analysis Of Volkswagen Jetta Vs Toyota Corolla

The reputation of both these cars is fantastic in the car industry. Even the resale value that you can get with these cars is superb. The sporty look of Jetta is remarkable, and Corolla has some cool features that grab the eyes of the customers. Together these features and comfortable interiors make the rides smoother for every type of driver and passenger.

Both the cars look amazing and have everything that any rider wants. The technology has played its role in these cars. One can witness that as soon as he steps inside these vehicles. Numerous factors are responsible for making these cars different.

Here is the list of factors that differentiate these automobiles.

1. Engine And Power

The first point of Volkswagen Jetta vs Toyota Corolla is the engine and power. The buyers say that the modern Volkswagen Jetta has 147 HP engine. The transmission system of the Toyota Corolla shows 132 HP. Both these automobiles have four-cylinder engine.  Jetta has more horsepower that helps the vehicle in running smoothly on the roads. You will find better acceleration in Jetta. Corolla takes time to gas up. So when we compare both these cars on the basis of engine and power, Corolla lacks a bit.

Volkswagen Jetta vs Toyota Corolla- The Explanation
Jetta has more horsepower (Photo Source: cargurus)

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2. Exteriors And Interiors

The appearance of a vehicle matter the most. And looks do matter when going for Jetta vs Corolla. The Jetta is 185.1 inches in length while the Corolla is 183.1 inches. The wheelbase in Corolla is 106.3 inches and is less in Jetta with 105.7 inches. The height of both these cars is similar. There is a fewer inches of difference in the heights. The Volkswagen Jetta and Toyota Corolla offer an incredible appearance.

The interiors of both these cars are superb. According to the expert car comparison, one cannot fit more than five people in any of these sedans. There is enough space to sit comfortably inside the cabin. The back seat has enough space as well. The front and back legroom is spacious in both these vehicles. People can rely on the exteriors and interiors of these cars. The interiors are comfortable. The passengers can enjoy comfortable drives all the time.

3. Comfort Features

When we compare both these cars on the basis of comfort and safety, specific points come up. The features in Volkswagen Jetta vs Toyota Corolla shows some amazing results. Some remarkable features like AC, Power Doors, Power Windows, Sunroof, and Moonroof are there. You can transform the interiors from basic to premium quickly. The manufacturers offer basic comfort features in the vehicles. One can rely on the safety and comfort features of both cars. There is no reason one can avoid investing in these cars. We can say that both these cars are perfect when it comes to comfort and safety. Investing in these vehicles is an ultimate step.

Everything You Need to Know About Volkswagen Jetta vs Toyota Corolla
One can rely on the safety and comfort features of both cars (Photo Source: toyota)

The Final Words

This was Volkswagen Jetta vs Toyota Corolla. We can say that you can opt for any of these cars. The reliability of these vehicles is impressive. The differences will help you in making a better choice if you want to buy a new car. It will help if you read about the features and engine of these vehicle before buying. One must go through this comparison to get a better car and better drive as well.