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Toyota Passo Vs Nissan March: Clash of Cars

In the small car segment, two car giants Toyota and Nissan have launched their new babies Passo and March respectively in Asian Market in 2004. The car comparison between Toyota Passo Vs Nissan March is one of the hot topics in the car world today because of their various amazing features. Let us explore what is the hot buzz about these two super mini cars.

Toyota Passo Vs Nissan March, the battle begins

Toyota Passo is ideal for four passengers, but in an emergency, the fifth passengers can also find a comfortable seat inside. The car is absolute fuel-efficient. The interior is not highly posh but you cannot expect high interior in a low budget car. The car has a five-door hatchback. One can look for both the three-cylinder engine and the four-cylinder engine in Passo.

In the comparison of Toyota Passo vs Nissan March, Nissan March is also four-seater car but accommodates one extra passenger easily. You cannot ask premium features here, but at the price, the car is the best buy. It offers three-door as well as a five-door hatchback. It also provides two-door convertible coupe. It features inline four-cylindrical engine in many variables ranging from the petrol engine (1000cc) to diesel engine (1,461 CC)

1. Interiors

Toyota Passo Vs Nissan March Interiors
Toyota Passo Vs Nissan March Interiors. Source: Toyota / Nissan

Toyota Passo 2006 is easy to drive a car. The size of Passo is larger than its previous version Storia. With sufficient cargo capacity (630 liters) and a comfortable interior, the car provides everything that a modern road as well as driver needs. Its gear shifter is on the dash while handbrakes are under the steering column. It has special swiveling front seats suitable for elders and those who are in wheelchairs.

The K12 third generation March is famous for its comfortable interior. It has a sliding rear seat to make extra room in need. In both automatic and manual versions, the gearshift is in the traditional floor position. The front seat is swiveling. The car looks Spartan but it has all the facilities that any supermini car must have.

The match of Toyota Passo Vs Nissan March is tied here as both shows somewhat the same kind of interior.

2. Exterior

Nissan March Vs Toyota Passo Interiors
Nissan March Vs Toyota Passo Exteriors. Source: Toyota / Nissan

Passo is the first generation car. It is aerodynamic that focuses more on fuel efficiency than looks. The car is safe to drive and do full justice with the price in terms of the exterior. It is 3,630 mm in length, 1,550 mm tall. It has the wide of 1.665mm. The look is sturdy but sway is definitely missing on turns. It has trendy bumpers and sides mid guards. The rear spoiler is the coolest feature in Passo.

The March is not behind when it comes to the exterior. It has a 70mm longer wheelbase than the previous generation. The car shows its curves and sways perfectly. The headlamps look vibrant and tall. Its body design is versatile. For example, three and five-door hatchback, two-door convertible coupe. Such diversity is very rare in the small cars.

Here, the match of Toyota Passo Vs Nissan March goes to March for its design and versatility.

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3. Driving Experience

Nissan March Vs Toyota Passo
Nissan March Vs Toyota Passo are all great in this aspect. Source: Toyota / Nissan

Apart from fuel efficiency, the car is stable in turns, which is cool. You do not feel patch while cornering. This Japanese car comes with 2 models DBA-KGC10 and DBA-KGC15. Both offer 71bhp, 996cc l3 (inline 3 cylinder engine). The average speed on the road is 18.4 km/l full time while on the front wheel drive model it is 21km/l. if you upgrade it to l4 inline 4 cylinder engine) 0f 1,297cc, the accelerator is more receptive.

Like Passo, March is also solid at turns, which is great. The model code CBA-AK12 is an inline 4 cylinder engine car with 1,240cc. At front wheel drive, the car gives 19.0km/l average speed. It offers 97bhp engine, which is fun to drive. Another version 1,386cc CR14DE L4 is also available in the market. The car is perfect for urban driving.


For me, both cars represent different styles suitable for personal choice. If you are looking a car with a simple look, high fuel efficiency and fun to drive, Passo is your car. However, if you want extra features like the great look, versatility in design and thrilling acceleration, March is perfect for you.

The battle of Toyota Passo Vs Nissan March is almost a tie. Both shout different appeal so it is entirely your personal decision to choose one.

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