Subaru WRX Vs BRZ- The Ultimate Car Battle

So you have planned to buy Subaru, but perplexity of choosing one out of WRX and BRZ is still there. Don’t worry! You don’t have to do the nerve-racking research work anymore as we have mentioned the complete Subaru WRX VS BRZ comparison only for you.

So what’s the delay? Check it out now!

Subaru WRX Vs BRZ – The Complete Contrast

It’s necessary to evaluate every trait before coming to the final decision. Following features will contrast the two efficient models of Subaru neck-to-neck. So let’s get started right now!

1. The Interior

When it comes to comparing the interior in the Subaru WRX VS BRZ, considering every detail is imperative. WRX offers more space as it is a conventional four-door sedan. However, the design isn’t up to the mark and gives a feel of any regular car. On the bright side, the cabin is quite trendy thanks to the faux carbon and bright chrome mixture dash fiber.

The back seat of BRZ is a bit tighter than WRX. The boot is also small where the extra tire can cover the entire space. The interior is also outdated and cheap quality parts and plastic. But one cannot contradict on the quality of seats and the comfort that it gives.

Comparing the interiors of Subaru WRX VS BRZ
Interior comparison of Subaru WRX VS BRZ (Photo Source: wallhere)

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2. Engine Compatibility

WRX has maintained the label of ‘pocket rocket’ thanks to its powerful engine. The 2.0-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder, direct fuel injection heads, and twin-scroll turbo make this vehicle capable to drive some extra miles. The 6-speed manual transmission is the reason why this car runs buttery-soft on the road. Besides, it’s 92L per hundred km provides it the less fuel-consuming capacity too.

BRZ almost use the same engine as WRX but ha dual fuel injection heads. The engine produces 147-kilowatt power. The pulling power is a bit low to 206 Nm only. BRZ offers a genuine fuel consumption of 7.8L / 100km.

3. Value for Money

Coupled with numerous features, WRX is a must buy a car. The vehicle comes with climate direct, Bluetooth audio system, sports seats, and gigantic 17” alloy tires. Besides, you can also utilize the digital equipment, which is multifunctional in nature. The equipment is capable of showing the turbo boost & split of torque across the entire wheel transmission. The approximate amount for which you can buy this advanced vehicle is around $38,990 and on-road additional cost.

Subaru WRX VS BRZ price
Value of money comparison between Subaru WRX VS BRZ (Photo Source: caranddriver)

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Being a two doors vehicle, BRZ is cost effective. Including the driving cost of the total amount to pay for this car is $37,150. The vehicle also comes with seventeen inches alloy tire, cruise, climate control, six speakers that you can play with Bluetooth speaker as well, and sports seats too. It misses the digital display of WRX but has an amazing push-button start.
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The Verdict

BRX is a tremendous car and those who have a small budget can go for it without having a second thought. If you want a more luxurious feel, WRX is the perfect fit for you. So which one did you like from Subaru WRX VS BRZ car comparison? Whichever you choose, it would be reliable and durable for sure.