Mitsubishi Outlander vs Subaru Forester: Which Sports Utility Is A Better Deal?

Sports utility cars are the trending favorites among the customers these days. Talking about the particular segment in modern times, the names like Mitsubishi Outlander and Subaru Forester has to be raised. Well, the best part about these cars is that these offer high-end family appeal, at the same time fitting well with the sports utility segment. However, we are not here to talk about the similarities. So, without making any further delay, take a peek at the Mitsubishi Outlander vs Subaru Forester comparative analysis is given below.

Mitsubishi Outlander vs Subaru Forester Comparison

Each car has its own advantages and disadvantages. For that reason, if you want to compare Mitsubishi Outlander vs Subaru Forester, car owners should look at each factor.


Mitsubishi Outlander vs Subaru Forester
Subaru Forester is one of the most famous car
Being one of the oldest and best effort lines of Mitsubishi, the Outlander is one of the sportier cars in the compact SUV segment. The car was first published in 2001 as Mitsubishi Airtrek in Japan; and adopted “Outlander” in 2006 in all markets. Mitsubishi Outlander is currently in the third generation and has achieved 1.5 million unit sold by Oct 2016. 

Introduced in Japan Motor Show in 1995 and only until 1997 that Forester started to compete in the market. The car is currently in the fourth generation since from 2012 with some remarkable concepts like Forester XTI, Mountain Rescue Vehicle, and X Mode.

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Mitsubishi Outlander vs Subaru Forester comparison
The performance of a car is essential in Mitsubishi Outlander vs Subaru Forester comparison

The very first thing that an investor looks for its sports utility vehicle is its performance. Hence, this round of Subaru Forester vs Mitsubishi Outlander comparison is obvious to be most interesting one. Forester engine performs smooth and tranquil for even off-road and speeds up rapidly compare to its competitor. Outlander, in the other hands, is likely a relaxing cruise but still running strong on poor road surfaces.

Fuel Economy

Mitsubishi Outlander vs Subaru Forester
Mitsubishi Outlander vs Subaru Forester comparison is the comparison of fuel consumption

Fuel economy surely isn’t the first priority of an SUV’s owner. However, better fuel consumption also means greener to earth and less money for yourself. At this field, we found Outlander slightly frugal for most of the run test. Fuel tank capacity is as well undoubtedly one of the crucial parameters for a sports utility vehicle. To compare Forester vs Outlander, obviously, for it’s bigger frame; the Outlander has to possess greater fuel tank capacity.

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Handling And Comfort

Mitsubishi Outlander vs Subaru Forester handling
Every driver wants to feel comfortable in their own cars

From the very first Forester, this car was made with the ability to dig into all corners; encourages you to explores as much as you can. Subaru keeps this trait as the inheritance, and all later Subaru Foresters are still running one of the best off-roaders in its segment.

On the contrary, Outlander is a bit more focus on passengers, as both front-row and the second-row seats offer more space for more comfort. Road and engines noise is well-blocked, too. Thou there is no match to Forester in Mitsubishi Outlander vs Subaru Forester comparison, Outlander surprisingly found good handling and well balancing up to rough surfaces.


Subaru Forester
Pricing is also very important while comparing between Mitsubishi Outlander vs Subaru Forester

Under many testings, we have the top variant of the Subaru Forester diesel, which price at about $42,500 before the array of on-road costs. And if comparing the same made years, then Forester is a better price on our stock list.

Take 2005 made as an example. We have used Subaru Forester 2005 started from roundly $2,050, and Used Mitsubishi Outlander 2005 is around $2,780.

Mitsubishi Outlander vs Subaru Forester Finale

It’s actually a hard job to say which is better in a car comparison since both Mitsubishi Outlander vs Subaru Forester have their strong points and none is too bad in particular. So it must come down to the user purposes and ideals:
If you are that type of people who love wet roads, dirt tracks and lots of mud, then Forester is surely the winner. However, if comfort is your cup of tea, then Outlander does the job for sure.
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