Honda Civic Vs Toyota Aqua – A Genuine Comparison

For more than a decade, the two topmost Japanese Automobile manufacturers namely Honda and Toyota have given consumers some of the best cars. There has been Honda Civic Vs Toyota Aqua competition in recent years. On one hand, there is Toyota with a record of selling 10 million cars annually; on the other hand, we have Honda, the eighth largest seller of 4.5 million cars per year. Since, making their debute in the 90’s; both companies have held a considerable share of the automobile sector.

In this blog, we will compare the best models of both Toyota and Honda; the Honda Civic and Toyota Aqua to see which one comes out to be the victor.

The Great Honda Civic Vs Toyota Aqua Debate

For those who might not be that much aware about the Toyota Aqua, it is also known as Toyota Prius C. It was ranked by the EPA as the most fuel efficient car of 2012. Both the cars have a sleek look along with an efficient engine under the hood. Come; let us dive a bit deeper into the car comparison between Honda Civic and Toyota Aqua.

1. Driving Experience

When it comes to the Toyota Aqua, the steering is a bit hard but allows the car to pass through corners with little accuracy. The up-right position of the seat gives the driver a bus-like experience while driving. In addition, pedal power is good.

In Honda Civic, there is a little weirdness experienced while driving owing to the CVT and the electric assist. The low-rolling resistant tires are a bit noisy, but the seating gives the comfort of a living room seating while driving. What makes this one stand out is the petrol and electric combo, which provides a lively feel. The driving experience is an important factor to consider in the Honda Civic Vs Toyota Aqua battle.

Honda Civic Vs Toyota Aqua Debate
All about Honda Civic Vs Toyota Aqua. Source: Honda

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2. The Design

The modest styling in Toyota Aqua with a bigger grille has been welcomed by its loyal fans. It comes with LED daytime running lights and wheels with a whole new look. The front and rear bumpers increase the length of the car by 20mm. With supportive seating and centre cupholder, the driver can easily enjoy the ride while sipping their favorite brew. In addition, listening to your favorite tracks has been taken care of with the relocated USB and iPod jacks.

On the other hand, Honda Civic has become more spacious. The boot comes with decent space owing to the compact lithium-ion battery pack. However, one drawback is that the rear seats do not fold down thereby zeroing the load bearing capacity. The two-level extension panel is easy to read.

3. Technology

When it comes to the Toyota Aqua, reversing the car is electric and driving is normally on petrol. The acceleration has two powerplants working together. The body is stiff with soft suspension and more comfort. It has a regenerative braking and stop-start system along with monitor for displaying fuel average and saving.

On the other hand, the Honda Civic comes with an engine size up to 1.5 litres, but the consumption is limited to 4.4 litres per 100 Km. The powerful electric motor and lithium-ion battery have replaced the heavy nickelmetal hydride version. The combined power and torque comes down to 82kW / 172Nm. To top it all, the car has a regenerative breaking system for recharging the battery.

4. Safety

The Toyota Aqua comes with five star crash rating. It has an electronic chassis and braking system to keep the driver safe when on the road. The car comes with seven airbags with a spare one. The base model comes with a reversing camera to help back the car when required.

Meanwhile, Honda Civic comes with electronic stability and traction-control, not to forget the brake assist and six airbags for protection. It also comes with a space saver.

Explore Honda Civic Vs Toyota Aqua
Factors to consider between Honda Civic Vs Toyota Aqua battle. Source: Toyota

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The Conclusion

Thus, in the battle of Honda Civic Vs Toyota Aqua, both have their share of pros and cons. Thus, both of these cars are worthy of a test drive as well as being parked in your garage.