Xmas giveaway campaign ranking almost end – where are you at ? Here is our Xmas free car giveaway midway review.

Less than 10 days more and CAR FROM JAPAN’S CAMPAIGN XMAS FREE CAR GIVEAWAY competition 2016 will end. Have you tried hard enough to get yourself a FREE CAR ?

Let’s take a look at our ranking board :

So far there’re 30,000 people are fighting hard for a FREE CAR. Wow! We’re so blessed to have such a massive number of participants that interested in our campaign. Not to mention, the real number to sign up was 100,000 entries but only 1/3 were valid to be count. Others might not know that they need to confirm their email address or open their email before the activate link expire. Rethink and check whether you have done the whole things and re-enter if you didn’t. It’s never too late to join the campaign.

Hi there Tanzania! We’re amazed by the huge number of Tanzanian for this Xmas campaign! Pretty much sure there will be many Tanzanians among our winner list. And yes it is, as the closest one to the car now is Edwin Mapuranga! Stay on top of the peak by influenced 1101 other people; double the amount of the second of our ranking list; he’s potentially our winner if other players keep playing this way.

Top 10 in Xmas campaign
Xmas free car giveaway midway review – top 10 highest point

2nd and 3rd place is the hard fight between Ernest Nwankwo and Josiah John since their influence is only 11 differs from each other. Of course what I’m counting right now is the people who sign up were influenced by participate. The points are actually a bit difference since there are also other criteria like sending invitation emails, writing an essay about CAR FROM JAPAN,…

10 more days for you to bring A FREE CAR GIVEAWAY home. Have your tried your best? What else can you do to improve your score? Take advice from our last SUMMER CAR GIVEAWAY CAMPAIGN winner , Mr. Gift Sakala from Zambia :
“What I did to achieve the points I obtained was simply to share the link massively. All the time and everywhere, targeting mostly potential buyers of used cars from Japan. The essay writing part is another part one has to be serious when writing.
My advice to those that are participating in subsequent campaigns, just take the campaign seriously and share your allocated link as much as you can, every day, using whatever methods you can do that. It is real, and you can drive one of those pretty machines. Good luck to the next winner. “

Check out our previous SUMMER CAR GIVEAWAY CAMPAIGN RESULT and learn from their experiences.

Thou big distance in the current ranking list, the final is yet to come and if you play hard enough, you can still turn the table upside down. Never give up and we’ll see you on Dec 24!

Remember, don’t cheat because we know!