Car Giveaway Summer 2016 Winner

Dear our beloved candidates, we would like to announce the closing of our Free Car Giveaway Summer 2016 Campaign and introduce you the Car Giveaway Winner. Thank you very much for your participant. We are very honored and humbled to have you along this exciting journey.

Ernest Hemingway once said: “It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”

We wish you had fun and enjoyed this journey.

*Note: Our system detected some cheating cases, which show the sign of system manipulation, inhuman-entry. All of these candidates were eliminated before we screen the results at the end of this campaign. 

Meet Mr. Gift Sakala from Zambia – The 1st winner of Car Giveaway Summer 2016gift sakala - the first free car giveaway winner

Winner’s message:

Hi, I am so thankful for having been declared the winner of the car. I am feeling super excited. Am on cloud night right now. It is beautiful. I can’t wait to drive this car with my family.

What I did to achieve the points I obtained was simply to share the link massively. All the time and everywhere, targeting mostly potential buyers of used cars from Japan. The essay writing part is another part one has to be serious when writing.

My advice to those that are participating in subsequent campaigns, just take the campaign seriously and share your allocated link as much as you can, every day, using whatever methods you can do that. It is real, and you can drive one of those pretty machines. Good luck to the next winner.

Mr. Koru Tebakabo from Fiji- The runner-up of Car Giveaway Summer 2016

Hi, I am very surprised and happy that I am the runner-up of this campaign. I worked hard, and I enjoyed this contest every day.

I will work as an ambassador for CAR FROM JAPAN in Fiji. You are greatest and most genuine company on earth.
Mr. Koru Tebakabo from Fiji - car giveaway winner

The third prize of Car Giveaway Summer 2016

The fourth prize of Car Giveaway Summer 2016

Josaya Chikoka
"Thank you so much for the gift, am glad to get it, I feel so happy that I can explain. Thank you once more God bless you so much. I real like you guys. May I be your representative from Tanzania.
Dieter Chipalo
Thanks. I thought this one was more transparent for all of us. Good luck in your business
Shonen Chakanza
Thank you so much CAR FROM JAPAN. am happy to be one of the winners
Thank very humbled to be a choosing my car right away
Mohamed Imran
I am really happy today. I don't know, how to share my happy with others. I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you and the committee for selecting me as a winner. Thank you all very much for organizing the contest. Thanks all competitors. It was a very enjoyable experience. I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you and the committee for selecting me as a winner. Thank you all very much for organizing the contest. Thanks all competitors. It was a very enjoyable experience
Nsengumuremyi Alphonse
"It's with honour that I accept this prize and the feeling is unexplainable, I am truly greatful having being part of this competition and promotion Thank you car from Japan for keeping your promise
Isaac Mutiso Matiti
Thanks car from Japan for a warding me a $100 dollars coupon for the just ended summer campaign. I feel so happy for being part of the winners and joyous.Thanks a lot and looking forward to win bigger.
Michael Mungai
With a grateful heart am extremely honored to be recieving the award from Car From Japan . I am earnestly grateful for the recognition in the campaign.
Queen Onyebuchi Udochukwu Enyinnaya
I Queen Onyebuchi Udochukwu Enyinnaya want to say a big thank you the the organizers of this great contest of survival of the fittest CAR FROM JAPAN 2016. Today you made my day after a stressful day coming back to check my email and say this great news. I am so so excited. I can now be a proud owner of Car from Japan. Infact I will put much more effort to win the Xmas give away car 2016. Thank you so much. I accept the gift with my whole heart. More of these.
Vincent Kizza
"Oh ! This is great. Thank you very much for the prize. Please I gratefully accept the prize with humbleness. I will send my photo shortly please. Comment: ""I am greatly honored to be one of the winners. I will always be with Car from Japan"" Many thanks again"
John Rimui Mukami
"It's with honour that I accept this prize and the feeling is unexplainable, I am truly greatful having being part of this competition and promotion Thank you car from Japan for keeping your promise"
Munyaradzi Nyamurowa
"Hello CAR FROM JAPAN! I am happy to be the one of the winners i appreciate. I wish you all the best because you are the best:) "
Hove Blessing
"I am very happy can't wait to receive my car driving my own car very happy sure I need the prize really. I am very grateful I need the prize I am very happy sure"
Geofrey Lukosi
Thanks for selecting me as a winner I will use this opportunity if i get money to buy a car from you!!
Helloo, I am very very happy by being announced as one of the winners of the prises. Thank you very much for this opportunity you have allowed us to have. Woaaaw, I do not know how I can translate the happiness I have into words. But thank you very much and I am ready to receive the prises. Thank you!!
Koru Tionee Tebakabo
Mohammed Shafnas
I accepted this prize.
Joseph Ngigi Kungu
Thanks for the campaign i was happy sharing and earning points
Stuart Sangaloti
I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your amazing gift of $100 .This gift will improve my life and that of my relatives. Words can't express how happy and excited I am and tears of joy flowing. Thanks once again for this amazing gift.
Thank you so much for this prize. I am so grateful. I wish I would have won the car but I am really grateful for this. I can't wait to use my voucher!
Josephine Ndunge Mackenzie
Thanks so much for having me as the fourth winner.I would have wished to get the top prize but i will be contended wiyh what i have won.once again thanks.
Daniel Mwaniki Njambi
I am happy to be the winner of car from japan i will encoruge people to buy car from japan. thank you for this great honour
Clement Fumbo
I thank you for nominating me as one of the winners in your campaign 2016! I am delighted for you decision despite fierce competition in the campaign and looking forward for serving with you in the near future . Best regards and wishes in your recommendable job
Zenzele Steve Ndlovu
Thank you so much CAR FROM Japan. Keep up the spirit of benevolence. You are one of a kind. So much appreciated
Sevias Pfirai
Hi CAR FROM JAPAN, l am very thankful and accept the price that l have won . I feel very great and happy. Without you am nothing, l appreciate what you did to me , now am looking to top the balance so l can purchase a vehicle . Thank you
Mageta happy to hear this thanks alot. I am very happy to hear that i am among the winner
Thanks a lot Japan used car for this special gift I real appreciate your suggestions to announce me as the among of the winners. Thanks a lot I think now its ma time to ride ma car from Japanese car. MAY GOD BLESS YOU
Goliat Tsoka
But thanks again to be one of the winner of this competition and i thank the car from japan company for this competition
Matt Strach
Thank you Car From Japan and the opportunity to take part in your car giveaway 2016 promotion. I accept the US$100 offer and will make use of it in the next few months.Once again thank you and appreciate the fourth price.
Blessing Zheve
Thank you for the price, hoping to win greater in future time, am going to support you everytime
Felix Kaseke
Thank you fo choosing me as a winner. I a happy..I want to buy a honda motor bike with my voucher.Konichiwa
"Thanks for the price, I'm grateful. Again I say thanks. May the Almighty God Bless you over the same.Truly, on receiving the message- I felt encouraged and appreciated. I promise to continue advertising you product Car From Japan as the best. I will continue to share to all social media as I have been doing."
Iam extremely happy to realize that i have been honoured by your team. I accept the price and would wish to request that you bare with me since iam currently in a remote area where e mail is not easy to read. Iam fully committed and Must buy a car from you
Felix Chanzu
Wow!!! I feel humbled's awesome indeed and it has been my prayer since the beginning of this competition. I feel so much elated and may God bless this company awesomely. I feel so much elated indeed for this good news.It has been my prayer since this competition started.May the Lord bless you even more abundantly. I am proud to be in cooperation with this company!!!
GOOD AFTERNOON THE MANAGEMENT OF CAR FROM JAPAN, I AM HAPPY I HAVE WON THE FORTH PRIZE, I CANT IMAGINE IT THAT I WAS GOING TO WIN, BECAUSE THERE WAS MANY PEOPLE IN THE GAME, I AM FEEL HONORED AGAIN THANK YOU VERY MUCH, I AM HAPPY LONG LIVE CAR FROM JAPAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marion Ndeta Wasia
"Thank you so much for this gift though my focus was on the CAR so my babies can enjoy some comfort on our ways around. With my pregnancy, I am so tired the First Prize would have gone a long long way. So many things to celebrate - new baby on the way as well as a birthday (December 21). Thank you once again!"
Burton Mlanjira
"I confirm my acceptance of the prize. I am delighted about this prize and i await guidance on how to receive my prize. Thank you very much"
Muvunyi Ronald
Am so great full to be a 4th winner, am looking forward to using my Coupon, Thank you CAR FROM JAPAN
Mohammed Rifaideen
Daniel V Tagiri
Thank u ...for choosing me as a winner in this competition
Imoh Tim
Which car will i choose within the promo prize of $100 that will cover delivery in Lagos of the prize of the $100?
Nadhir Hussein Abdallah
I accept this, and I'm proud to be the winner of this compition.
Actually l am very grateful and surprised that l won. I just want to thank Car From Japan for chosing me among the winners thak you so much
Esha Mohamed Ahmed
I will accept this prize with all my heart,ooopss am so happy to receive this prize and il make sure next time i will be the first one to win.thank you car from Japan once again
Thank you very much, you are the best car dealer ever lived. Am very happy and I appreciate your recognition
Halima Haroub Ali
"Thank you so much I'm really so happy to hear that . That is really great opportunity. .to me .."
It is suprise to me to hear that I'm among of the winners of car giveaway from quality care Exporter in the world. Thank you a lot. I'm looking forward to use my coupon for buying a quality car from CAR FROM JAPAN
Rawekai Teaioro
I wanna thanks for putting me in the fourth winner of this competition. Everything is done is greatly appreciated.
Bagwaneza Bernard
"I am very delighted to hear from you that i am a winner of the Fourth Prize of Car Giveaway Summer 2016 and I confirm that I accept this prize with much satisfaction. Sincerely speaking, I like very much car from Japan and it is a great honor to me to win this campaign. I am really thankful to organizers and I am very much happy with this prize."
Jean claude
Wow!!!!, I can't Miss this opportunity. Thanks.
William Lusige
Gift accepted. Am happy to be $100 winner. Car from Japan is the best place to buy a car.
Greetings, oh man... oh man, i would be lying if i didn't say i was preparing for this........ but its still a huge shock. Let me catch my breath for a second..........what a luck from Car from Japan, Congratulations for choosing me to be one of the Lucky winners.
Tejumola David
This is a dream come true for me . Thanks for the coupon CAR FROM JAPAN
Emmanuel Nshizirungu
I am writing to express my excitement and joy for your prize. I am really happy and proud to accept your prize and look forward to receiving it as soon as possible. I am already warming to celebrate Christmas and my birthday with a new car from Japan Thanks a lot
Chamunogwa Matserendende
Am so much excited . Thank you so much for the prize am so glad to to be one of the winners . And conglatulations to all that have won and so many thanks to Car from japan who made this posible
Thank you so much for the gift, am glad to get it, I feel so happy that I can explain. Thank you once more God bless you so much. I real like you guys. May I be your representative from Tanzania.
George Kamaji
I appreciate for giving the prize I accept it I look forward to buy a car with you.
Patrick Odhiambo Kokonya
Thank You very much for Nominating me as the Fourth Prize of Car Giveaway Summer 2016 Winner! I look forward to receiving my Prize. I must say, I am very Happy to emerge as the Winner in this Promotion, and especially so, coming from Kenya in the Eastern Part of Africa. I will indeed play the role of being your Good Will Ambassador for your Company in the utilization and Promotion of Japanese Cars (Vehicles). I will also use the coupon you awarded to me worth US$100 (valid for 6 months - coupon code) to buy any car from the your available stocks for use by My Wife. Since, I will be using the car, it will also be a reminder of your generosity and how you stick to your Promise. When you allow me to, as I said earlier on, I will serve as your Dedicated Good Will Ambassador of your Company. My Friends and Colleagues are already asking how I won, and you know what, I have referred them to Your Company to participate in the next Promotion which I am also enrolling right away. Thank You once again.

car giveaway winner