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Tablets Giveaway Campaign 2019: How The Winners Are Chosen?

Car From Japan organizes Giveaway Campaign in May to create a circle of connection, caring and sharing.

In the end of May, Free Japanese Watches will be given to 2 best participants who earned the highest points.

How The Winners Are Chosen In May 30th

In 29th April, among top participants with the highest points, we will pick the winners who show most effort without cheating. Here is how our winners are chosen:

First round: Choose top 20 highest points

Choose top 20 with the highest points into “Candidate list”

Second round: Remove “cheating case”

Check whether there is any abnormality in the number of referred click, register, and emails shared.
If we detect any activity that shows system manipulation or inhuman-entry, we will remove that participant from “Candidate list”.

Third round: Remove candidates who spread inappropriate (abusive, racist) content on SNS, Blog, Essay

Track the content/message that the participants wrote about us online (SNS, Blog, essay)
If we detect any content that is untrue, abusive, or racist, we will remove the participants from “Candidate list”.

Fourth round: Choose the winner – highest points among the remaining candidates

In the remaining “Candidate list”, we will pick the participant with the highest score to be the winner of that month.


Top Previous Car Winners

Mr. Kelvin Epimack

Mr. John Kiandika

Mr. Sifakubi Masuku

Mr. Rashid Malik Said


How To Earn More Points

Check out the below useful information

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