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Car giveaway campaign – Is it free car scam or real promotion?

Recently our “CAR GIVEAWAY” is surely an explosion with hundred of entries and thousands of shares. CAR FROM JAPAN is so thrilled and grateful that so many people participated in our campaign.

This 2017 we’re going huge!  because Car From Japan is launching our “2017 GRAND GIVEAWAY” with total 18 GRAND PRIZES including 4 CARS.

We know you have concerns and doubts whether we’re giving away our great used car from Japan or just scam/fraud you with our trick. Let us explain a bit more of who you are; and why you should never miss your chance of winning a free car home. By then you will know whether our car giveaway is a free car scam or a real promotion.


CAR FROM JAPAN is a platform to trade Japanese used cars; where customers from all over the world can find and buy Japanese used vehicles, machinery & parts. You can trace in Google map our head office at Shiba Park Building A Hall 2F S-Cubism, Shiba Koen 2-4-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-0011. We’re a member of Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association (JUMVEA); which is approved by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. With a little research yourself; you can be ensured of who we are, our legitimacy and our Free Car Giveaway Campaign.

Free car giveaway has been CAR FROM JAPAN’s annually campaign as a sincere thank to our loyalty customers for supporting us throughout good seasons. What make CAR FROM JAPAN so confident about our “Car Giveaway campaign”?

Why our campaign is not free car scam

Firstly, we have over 200 exporters; from new rising to global professional exporters with years of experience. Many of our members are among those oldest and most reputable exporters from Japan such as Al Ain Japan, Royal Trading, Tomisho, etc… We’re overwhelmed that our exporters have joined us in the campaign as giving discounts and delivering the car to the winner’s place. With their support, out campaign is easy as a piece of a cake. And all we need to do is to make sure the car will find his real home.

Secondary, each campaign is always promoted with a clear timeline, rules, and regulations. When the contest is finished; CAR FROM JAPAN staffs work hard to make sure no cheat has been played, and the result is precise.

Summer Car Giveaway campaign point count - free car scam

Few things we did to count your score are: listed all the emailed contestant has sent, eliminated duplicated ones, check IP address and so on with other tracking methods,… Therefore, CAR FROM JAPAN is confident that the final result is correct and fair for those who play with their hearts.

Want to know how to win? Check out CAR FROM JAPAN Summer Car Giveaway winner and Xmas Car Giveaway result. You’ll get to know our winners as well as learning their methods to win yourself a great car.

Last but not least, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to win yourself a cool Casio watch! And hurry up, the race has begun!

  1. Lochana sewwandi says

    I humbly accept the prize, I have to admit that it caught me by surprise but still looking up for the car grand prize (That’s precisely why am still participating) hoping n eagerly praying that I emerge the winner. Thanks much Cars from Japan.

  2. adel hanafy hassan elsayed says

    with our greeting to miss lan phan with her team use car in japan
    today we talking about the car general and use car in japan special
    the points grew up fast from this point we thought and imagine our self to be first one winner in this programmer
    he always asking himself when i be winner in use car in japan what,s
    this car look like and thinking about costumer fair in his country how
    much they take for this car than anther car
    or the use car they well
    give it us some funds to covering the costumer service in egypt and how
    much they well asking about this car
    may be from all expert of use car in japan they could be know the cost in egypt and other countries too
    the point is they hidden the total points not show up special from massage we wrote before
    they well account this point and added to my total points so i am sure i am absoulitly be first one there
    and they well send all papers of shipment plus the car too under our name,s
    what about my offered before sure they take mark point in this offered
    and acceptable once so we can be working with them as agent in egypt
    cairo and they well send the representative,s from japan to complete
    that business
    what about my offered before sure they take mark point in this offered
    and acceptable once so we can be working with them as agent in egypt
    cairo and they well send the representative,s from japan to complete
    that business
    so what,s points too mr adel hanafy hassan elsayed
    japan is famous for innovation from car to needel to contract and
    manfacturing one of them do you think adel the team there they well be
    concern about innovations
    but i remember when i was in seattel one
    friend come to me on my home and give it to me key of car pourcha one
    and said the owner of hottel there from japan and she know you like the
    pourcha car she sent me to give this car for you and driver it and take
    your time until to return back to here
    so i return back to here and
    met personal to thank,s here about that favor and asked here to concern
    about the innovation to investment in big factories what ever in japan
    or america she is wife of president of stat in seattelwe eat together in the own hotel she had and said i had chain of hotel too in japan and other country
    be free if you want any thing in the future
    sincerely adel elsayed

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