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Xmas Car Giveaway 2016 Winner

Xmas Car Giveaway 2016 Winner
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*Ding ding ding*

Santa Clause is coming to CFJ and also bring the list of winner for XMAS Campaign! We’re excited when looking through the list and can’t wait to announce to all of you. The most surprising from Santa’s list is XMAS Car Giveaway 2016 1st prize winner – Mr. John Kiandika – is the one who got the 3rd prize in Car Giveaway 2015. He joined us since the beginning and never stop showing he’s the one who deserves the award. Santa also gives us a list of qualified candidate for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th prize.

Thank you so much for joining us for a month.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy new year with your friends and family.

*Note: Our system detected some cheating cases, which show the sign of system manipulation, inhuman-entry. All of these candidates were eliminated before we screen the results at the end of this campaign. 

Meet Mr. John Kiandika from Tanzania – The 1st winner of Xmas Car Giveaway 2016

Mr. John Kiandika from Tanzania - The 1st winner of Xmas Car Giveaway 2016

Winner’s message:

Thanks a lot for the wonderful news, I gladly accept the nice offer.

I feel wonderful for being the first price winner.
I advise others to be active on social medias and to always choose car from Japan its the most reliable company.

NB. I would like to kindly request for a chance to choose an IST instead of a Passo if possible.


John Kiandika

The third prize of Xmas Car Giveaway 2016

Thank you very much Car From Japan. I am glad to accept the third prize given to me. Your organisation is one of the best and I shall forever keep spreading the word about it to all my circles. Words alone cannot fully describe the way I am feeling. Thank you very much Car From Japan. I am proud to be associated with your organization.
Godfrey Okute
Have accepted fully the price and I'm so much humbled this is a great surprise I can't believe my eyes. God bless you Car from Japan I'm very much thankful to Car from Japan for rewarding me acoupon of 500us dollars in the campaign I'm going to choose among the available cars from Japan and order immediately .thank you and God bless car from japan.
Nickson Lema
You are always the best. I'm very excited to be the winner and this makes my Christmas celebrations awesome. Thank you so much and I real appreciate this.
Sifakubi Masuku
Thank you very much Car From Japan. I am glad to accept the third prize given to me. Your organisation is one of the best and I shall forever keep spreading the word about it to all my circles. Words alone cannot fully describe the way I am feeling. Thank you very much Car From Japan. I am proud to be associated with your organization.
Joan Wainaina
"Thank you Car From Japan. This is incredible."
Sifakubi Masuku

The fourth prize of Xmas Car Giveaway 2016

Felix Kaseke
Thank you for choosing me as the forth price winner
Blessing Hove
Need the prize thank you very much
Shane Pryce
I am very excited and grateful that Car from Japan ran a well organized promotional campaign which I enjoyed playing during this christmas period and thanks to the sponsors for making it possible. Due to financial contraints i will not be able to afford a vehicle or purchase a vehicle from your site, so the wonderful discount coupon that i won will not be useful to me. I will try again a next time if u have another campaign, going forward i will still recommend car buyers in jamaica to use car from japan vs. sbt. beforward, icmjapan etc. to purchase reliable motor vehicle.
Nsengumuremyi Alphonse
Dear Car From Japan Team, I am very excited to be the fourth winner of the gift and i receive .Its the second time winning the gift and its rally amazing to me.I will continue to be the representative ambassador of the cars from Japan. Thank you very much
Dear marketing Team of CAR FORM JAPAN. I thank you, at least you have acknowledged the effort and time I exert. But I am wondering that I have won USD 200 Coupon to buy a car. If I had money to buy a car at this moment I could have one a long time ago because I am in need of Car. Thank you and Kind regards Eyob A
Daniel Favor Elton
Its my pleasure although i wanted to be the first or the second, but i am happy i am among the top winners
Chancy Jamu
I have accepted the prize
Faye Gates
I am so excited to have won. Maybe I will win the car the next time. Thanks.
Thank you CAR FROM JAPAN. I really appreciate your services. Just want to confirm my winning and accepting my prize. Thank you.
Trevor Ngendo
Thank you so much CAR FROM JAPAN for choosing me as one of your winners!! It has been a pleasure for me to compete and participate in the campaign! This is to confirm that I humbly accept the price gratefully! This is great news to me and my family! May the Almighty God bless you!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏 ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU CAR FROM JAPAN CO.
Dave Charlemagne
I am very grateful to have won. I look forward tyo next next year campagin. Cheers
Charles Ignatio
Thank you very much cars from Japan for declaring me as a fourth winner. God bless you all. I wish you mary x-mas and happy new year
Anthony Kimani
Thanks a lot.
Saitoti Naikara
Hello Car From Japan, I feel so happy and privileged to come up among the winners of this competition.Thank you so much for the prize and you guys made my xmass better.Merry xmass and Happy New year!
Revival Chineka Ndhlovu
I am so excited. wooooooooow I'm so happy to be one of the winners thank you so much Car From Japan Thank you thank thank you
Robert Momanyi
Thank you so much, please help please help me get a Toyota allion or subaru impreza,happy to prove my friends that the campaign is helpful for them to join next year.
Ahmed Tanui
Hello team car from Japan. Thanks so much. I do accept the gift. Merry Christmas to you too. be blessed
Chikumbutso Chiweza
Hi, I am very excited to win the fourth price of the 2016 Xmas car give away campaign from CARFROMJAPAN. I have accepted the gift and I will use it before the stated deadline. Looking forward to a long working relationship with carfromjapan. I promise to be an ambassador in Malawi and I will always refer my fellow entrepreneurs to buy with carfromjapan.
Queen Onyebuchi Udochukwu Enyinnaya
Thank you car from Japan for this great gift. I reall appreciate
I'm Kalema Christopher and a student at Bogor Agricultural University in Indonesia, Im very happy after winning the fourth prize of the Christmas car give away 2016. Thank you CAR FROM JAPAN for this promotion. I accept the offer. Merry Christmas and happy new year 2017.
Prisca Banda
I Am very grateful for this prize and I thank you people for the competition. Cars from Japan are really good..and I have always dreamed to use them.
Boniphace Bakari
Hello Car From Japan Team! Its my pleasure to give out to you my heart felt thanks for the PRIZE you decided to award me as winner in Xmas Car giveaway 2016 competition. Am very happy to win US $ 200 in the competition. This is really very exitting because to me, that is avery big gift and I receive it with all my heart. I thank thank you again for this opportunity! I feel very happy here, and I can't wait to make the order for my own car! Am going to close the year with great happiness ever! Besides that, I promiss you to be the good ambassador of Car From Japan here in Tanzania. Thank you very much again! Am going to make the order for my car soon. I hope you are going to send it to me as soon as you get the purchase order! I hope you will notify me via email on how I will receive it. Attached to this mail is my photo. Thank you Car from Japan for your Valuable Xmas Car Giveaway PRIZE!
Denis Jaffu
I confirm that I will accept reward. First of all I am very happy to one among the winners of the campaign. Thanks CAR FROM JAPAN for helping people to reach their dreams. I hope for next year you will do the best, and thank you very much for your rewards. God may bless you.
Doris Michoro
I would like to take this opportunity to give my thanks to all who planned this campaign of CAR FROM JAPAN and all sponsers for seeing my efforts in this campaign and choose me as a fourth winner of the campaign without forgetting all people supported me in this campaign.I have not much to say but only thanks,I honour you because you make me feel that ican. thanks very much.I would like to say that with joyful heart i accept this prize I know my country will be happy for this prize .God bless my way Doris michoro from TANZANIA.
Edema Stephen
Thanks very much car from japan for giving me the chance to participate in the xmas campaign. I am avery proud winner. I feel so good that you have brought my driving dreams closer. Keep up and thanks for the prize. your the best.
Emmanuel Eko
I appreciate the sincerity and efforts of the team to make this campaign successful. I am happy i picked the fourth prize, though i was aiming for a car, anyways i accept the prize. Thanks, looking forward to the next promo.!
Nestory Rasso
I would like to express my thanks from bottom of my heart for this special prize that i won. I'm feeling very grateful enough and looking forward to use this prize i have won for purchases one of my dream car from you are stock. Herewith find my attached photo as you recommend.
Agness Mambwe
I Agness Mambwe accept to be the forth winner, am very happy and looking forward to see my price
Ailton Jose
I feel blessed for winning this christmas gift. Thank you Car from japan.
Tereeta Eribati
First of all, I will give thanks to God and to you all as well for this winning. I can't believe this and I felt I don't know what to do and say when I first open my email and see that I was one of the winners. Thanks again and I hope that I will be the one who shall represent your future promotions and brands. I really appreciate the prize and ready to receive it with many happy within this Xmas holidays. Merry Xmas again to you all from Kiribati Island
Firstly I want to thank CAR FROM JAPAN for this xmas free give a way car campaign. This shows that you care and support your customers,i am very thankful and happy for winning the fourth price.
Mercy Kawira
Am very greatful for being chosen as one of the winners in this campaign and I feel honoured. Thank you for the award and may God bless you so much. I can't thank you enough for making my dream come true
Malcolm Jossam Saimon
I am more than happy to hear that I have won the fourth prize. Your goal is to “enrich lives”. I am proud to be part of the enriched lives. Thanks for the prize. Thanks to my family and friends. Thanks Car From Japan. To those that moked my participation, I say, CAR FROM JAPAN is real and has customer welfare at heart. I have won, it wasn’t fake. Thanks to the Almighty GOD – HE has seen my lack and filled my gourd. Sincerely,
Tim Foley
I am honestly at a loss for words at this moment, I am almost speechless. Thank you so much CAR FROM JAPAN, you have helped make my dreams come true. I look forward to representing your brand in the future, and I can't wait to be behind the wheel. Words can not describe how grateful I am. Thank you so much for all you do! Thank you so much CAR FROM JAPAN.
Zenzele Steve Ndlovu
Thank you so much CAR FROM Japan for the prize. I really appreciate it a lot.
Hello, I am very happy to win this prize, thank you very much to you CAR FROM JAPAN!!!!
Christopher Ohifeme ojo
Thank you car from Japan, I hope to win the grand prize in your subsequent edition. Thanks for the gift
Emanuel Shikuli
I am very glad to hear that I am a winner the fourth prize of Xmas car giveaway 2016 God bless beforward and all team who share this campaign. Also God help me to win in this competition I believe that this team have a good people I want to share every thing with this team.
Emanuel Masshele
Khana Kenneth Patrick
I'm so excited and very very happy to have won the fourth prize of this competition!!!! This is one of the most amazing gifts of Christmas I have ever received. It is gratifying to know that you have the heart of giving back to your customers and enabling them to have access to high quality cars at an affordable cost. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the staff of Car From Japan and to my fellow participants in this campaign! Find attached my photograph.
Justice Muziri
l am really greatful for being one of the winners and l would like to thank car from japan for choosing me as a winner
Anesporo Mwijuka
I would like to thank you all for the reward and being among of the winners for this campaign and i do accept this offer. please i'm looking back to make me own my car from this campaign i do appreciate this reward. The campaign was so good and every one appreciate it, you are bringing us good opportunity try to fulfill every one's dreams. thanks a lot and please we shall be waiting for the next campaign God bless you and i do wish you Merry Christmas and Happy new year.
Robert Felix Kihiu Karuri
I'll remember carfromjapan in my Life.2017 A year to Drive Mazda Biante from Carfromjapan be blessed
Julius Khamati Shibutse
Am excited upon winning the fourth price of the competition.could I request to be given cash prize since am not in a position to buy a car now since I am paying my fees I need the cash
Saumu Ali
Thank you for the award. I'm really feeling lucky for winning this competition. Please give me more information on how to collect my prize. Thanks again.
Darren Bent
I am very surprised and elated to be a winner in this great promotion. Thanks to CARS FROM JAPAN, who continues to touch the lives of many worldwide.
i accept thanks alot
Julius Khamati Shibutse
Am excited upon winning the fourth price of the competition.could I request to be given cash prize since am not in a position to buy a car now since I am paying my fees I need the cash
Raquel Webb
thank you so much i am so happy
I'm very very happy for being one of the winner in this campaign of this year.This is good for you and your customers and I want to thank you for this idea.From now I'll be your customer and I'll be a good representative of your cars since are of high quality.So thanks,let me wish you merry Christmas and happy new year.
Robert Nuwagaba
It's a pressure to have won $200 in prize. I accept the prize with all my mind and i cant explain how happy. Am going to use my prize not later than Feb 2017.
Emeka Uduka Amadi
With heart full of thanks to God Almighty and Car From Japan Team for making this campaign possible for me to win i really thank God and Car From Japan, I Emeka Uduka Amadi do confirm that i accept the prize of $200 and will use $200 to buy car in your company as directed. thanks once again.
Ermine William
Am happy to be among the winners.
Ephraim Muchiwowa
I am very proud to win this price, keep it up Car From Japan
Timvereziti Deafat Msosa
I am grateful to be one of the winners of this competition. Thank you Car From Japan for giving back to the community I thank God for his grace upon me.
James Mwakibibi
Thank you very much!! I'm very happy to hear that I won the fourth price,,,I so greatful because its my second time to win the fourth price,, I will use it!
Fedy Mhabuka
Thanks for the coupon I accept it
Mere Kende
Thank you I am very happy.
I am feeling delighted and grateful to become one of the winners in this campaign. Thank you so much car from Japan for giving me this chance.
Uwimbabazi Winnie
Dear Car from Japan team, thank you for the prize and hope to get it soon! Much blessings!
To me sincere, i finally deleted myself as part of the winner because when the campaign came across to me it was a few days before the entry closure. Surprisingly, i recieved a masage from CAR FROM JAPAN japanese uesd car that am the Fourth winner for the campaign, 'speeechless'. Infact, i don't know how i can express this but my kudos to CAR FROM JAPAN japanese uesd car for puting unremovable smile on my face.
Ele Cars dealership LTD
Thanks very much for the price won
Gyan Andrew
Thanks a lot for your email concerning the the award winning as fourth position. and i am so grateful and a lot of thanks goes to your company for allowing me to be part of your team.
Willie kufa
I accept the price, l feel so great to have been one of the winners, and l must say your campaign was marvelous, looking forward to great things in the year to come. Keep the good things you are doing.
Triphoza Thimangu
Am so happy to be the fourth winner for Xmas car from Japan,am in big shock right now,i accept this gift and i say God bless you all,can't wait to drive my car from Japan, once more God bless you Japan car.
Kulthum Matanda
thanks i accept the prize
Thanks for carfromjapan for taking me as forth winner in this campaign thanks
Chepkwony Patrick
It's my pleasure to receive this gift from you .I am honored to accept this gift thanks ,though its been a task to access a device that enabled me to participate .Its been fun though .Thanks car from japan .I appreciate this gift with all my heart you have made my christmas to be a special one.Again thanks be assured the I will be your brand and company agent .CAR FROM JAPAN and all your staff merry christmas and a happy prosperous 2016.
Godfrey Kahatano
t's so surprising that am among winner, thanks to the company, am very happy i wish in the next promotion I'll be the first prize winner. I accept the prize.
Triphoza Thimangu
Am so happy to be the fourth winner for Xmas car from Japan,am in big shock right now,i accept this gift and i say God bless you all,can't wait to drive my car from Japan, once more God bless you Japan car.
Thanks for the Fourth Prize of X'mas Car Giveaway 2016, I'm grateful. Again I say thanks. May the Almighty God Bless you over the same. Truly, on receiving the message- I felt encouraged and appreciated.
Nadhir Hussein Abdallah
Once again I thank you for picking me up as a winner of this gift
I have accepted the prize.
Ceelstine Udoji
"I feel delighted winning the fourth prize consecutively ,which will encourage more my colleagues to patronize made in Japan cars."
Eager J
"Thanks for choosing me as a winner .Its ma pleasure to receive this gift. I am looking forward to participate in the coming campaigns and I will do my best to hit the target which everyone desires. Thanks again and wish you all the best and looking forward to cooperating with you soon"
Radite Pramudito
"Damn... I almost do not believe it! At Christmas I came out as the winner and get a voucher for the purchase of CarFromJapan. Of course, with this gift, to get used cars from Japan will increasingly become a reality and be mine. Thank you very much and remains the number one for CarFromJapan. "
Confirming that i accept the price. Once again thank you car from japan
Harry Gasper Massay
Am very happier for the X-MASS reward from Carfromjapan. Am taking this opportunity to notify you that I have accepted the reward.
Aniba Carlos Iawe
I am very happy to know that I am one of the winners, I worked hard to get this prize and I am very happy indeed, this award will help me a lot in my financial situation thank you very much for the prize car from japan.
Michael Kipkosgei Ruto
Iam pleased to inform you that iam happy for the forth price i won and i accept it.
Yussuf Charles Yussuf
"Thank you very much for email .I can't let this opportunity bypass me I am grateful that you have appreciated my efforts of spreading the massages of the campaign, henceforth become among the winners, this is a good news for me. initially i was thinking that it something which which is not true, therefore does not exists. However, my thought now have changed to start believing that it is something which is real "
Am so excited to be a fourth prize winner this is the first time in this life that l have won something thank you so much.
Emanueli Shikuli
"Thanks team to announce me. have won the fourth Prize of Xmas car Giveaway I feel very happy give me another instruction . God bless this team I wish happy Xmas and new year"
Fehai Soleyn
It was amazing that this offer was put on for us. I'm sure many persons had doubts, myself included, but today I'm happy to be one of the fourth place prize winners. Thank you CarFromJapan!
Eliamin Temu
Thanks, am really happy for winning this prize, I know that I entered this compatition to be a winner, and am a winner , I will be you ambassador and hope that next time am gonna be the first winner.
Triphoza Thimangu
Am so happy to be the fourth winner for Xmas car from Japan,am in big shock right now,i accept this gift and i say God bless you all,can't wait to drive my car from Japan, once more God bless you Japan car.
Goliat Tsoka
I accept the price thank you guys for wonderful competition keep it up
Inocent Shayo
"Wooooow! Glory to God! I can't believe that! Thanks you so much CAR FROM JAPAN for making me happy this Christmas by choosing me Inocent Shayo as a winer,thank you so much. I need your advice on how I will use this Cupon in buying a car from you.Thanks you so much"
Mariam Mahonge
Oh wow thank you Car From Japan, I just can't Put it in Words But thank you very much! I'm happy!
Osward John Mbao
Thank you for the prize... I feel so pleasure with the x-mass prise. Thank you car from japan
Lazarous Tembo
Congratulations to the first prize winner. And I humbly accept for winning the fourth prize from car form Japan.I must say it was a tight competion.Hope to work hard next time.Thanks.
Esha Mohamed Ahmed
Thanks again car from japan for winning second time am so happy though I was expect to won first prize bt Next time I will do my best as I can to win the first prize.
Steven Longwe
Thanks for the opportunity to win this has caught me by surprise i didnt expect. Thanks
I have accepted the price and will use it
Kenneth Cephas Fwoloshi
I am very happy to have won the fourth prize from the xmas campaign that run in your sight. This indeed a great prize for me and my family. I look forward to using it to buy something from you. Carfromjapan is really there for all the people across the globe. I appreciate it very much, may the good Lord bless you and may be a shining light in car exports. I will stand by you to support and be your ambassador for you. Again I say, "thank you!"
Benson Ndambuki Kioko
I am glad to hear that i have won the forth prize of X'mas Car Giveaway 2016 but iam sorry for my late confirmation that i have accepted the prize. It's my pleasure to say that i enjoyed participating in the campaign and i hope i'll be the winner of a car in the next Campaign.Thank you and be blessed.
Shingirayi A Mungazi
Thank for this competition , l very happy to win this price , keep it up team l will continue to support you l hope very soon l will be your brand Ambssdor for CarFromJapan keep it up with your service, so far you are the best Car seller worldwide for durable car and affordable .👏👏👏👏👏💪🏻🎊🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎁🎁🎁🎉🎉🎉🎊100%+ strong your 🚗
  1. Somen Chowdhury says

    Dear sir, I have won the forth prize. thanks car from japan. pls help me how I get my prize.

  2. kelvin kachere says

    my whole effort and time and money in vain. thank God


    Thank you CAR FROM JAPAN for the awards and congratulation for the winners.Been checking on the list but cant find my name,where is the list of winners and the prizes won.

  4. Jackson says

    Hello how are you mery xmas you ilike cars ilike japan is best car

  5. Kenneth Cephas Fwoloshi says

    But where is mine post? I was chosen as a forth winner and I sent my post and my picture to your email that I was provided.

    May I know what happened please?

    Kenneth Cephas Fwoloshi

  6. zungu beybi says

    Oh wow thank you Car From Japan, I just can’t Put it in Words But thank you very much! I’m happy!

    1. Trang Tran says

      U welcome

  7. flyson silungwe says

    Congratulations to all the winners

  8. Inocent Shayo says

    If your in Japan let’s make a deal email me
    Or whattsap via +255758477084

    1. Trang Tran says

      Hello, how can i help u?

  9. Mawadri Geofrey aloysius Sarafino says

    Wow…congratulations friends for the beautiful achievement from our lovely company. Mary Xmass to u all and happy new year. please dont forget God made it possible and thank him always. We love u JAPAN CARS

    1. Trang Tran says

      Arigatou. Thank you. Your comments encourage us a lot.


    Thank u very much Car From Japan, i am very happy to see people winning though i’m none of them but this encourages me not to stop trying my lucky next time and win whether Santa or others will see me. THANKS.

    1. Trang Tran says

      With your hardwork, you can achieve anything. Good luck for the next time!

  11. Patteson Omi says

    Congrats to fellow winners for ur effort and time…Merry X-mas one and all.

    1. Trang Tran says

      Thank u for your comment

  12. job kaunda says

    Good Morning,
    To the Organizers I say thank for this wonderful “organization” The XMASCAR GIVE AWAY was really fun and timely.
    I am Happy for the winners, I celebrate with you in all your prizes, this time it was you but next time it will be be others please feel good as well.
    To the Organizers I promise to participate again and again if this comes again next year.
    To the winners again enjoy your “prizes”
    Thumbs up to JAPAN CARS.


  13. Daudi Ntandu says

    Thanks a lot for your competition. Though I am not a winner but let’s use this opportunity to advice you that you may give price to all contributors because your company is so champion whole over the world. This will harmonize all people who engaged in this competition to supply a reliable information to all people over the world concerning good products which you are distributed to the people hence a lot of customers!!! Wishing you Happy New year 2017!!

    1. Trang Tran says

      Thank u for your comment

  14. Phina says

    Thanks for the chance,eventhough I didnt win but am looking forward to buy your car in the next christmas

    1. Trang Tran says

      Thank u for that

  15. Godfrey okute says

    For somebody who is akenyan the condition is acar being registered in kenya should be 7year old and above and most of the cars made in 2010-2016 prices seems be higher so what is the next alternative to get scar from Japan with my coupon of 500$ and cheaper way to avoid much expenses please I need assistance

    1. Mohd rajab says

      The car from japan is a good car

      1. Trang Tran says

        Thank u for your comment. We are really happy about it

  16. mutwakil yousif mustafa says

    No thing is going on

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