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About us
【Overview of our business】
We handles new cars and used cars of Japan widely and selects them carefully which are good quality. The Each stock vehicle selects carefully with a thing having good degree.
Look at we sale vehicle after comparison with right or wrong, other companies to donate a better thing more cheaply because you research in market price information every day and act for other cost cuts from the stocking route.

In order to provide high-quality used cars at a reasonable price, we have been making effort to assess trends in domestic distribution market and select a vender carefully and cut costs.
We kindly ask for compare and examine us with other companie.
Please have a look our selling cars.

【Transaction Result】
We were founded in April, 1999.
We have the results that sold new cars and used cars more than 10,000 so far.

【Strong field of us】
■Representation service of the used car auction
We will meet specifications requested by a customer because the number of the exhibition to used car auctions in Japan is more than 3 million a year.
We collects enormous amount of information by utilizing our auction seat and our network of used car buyers, used car dealers of all over Japan. Therefore, we can provide appropriate information quickly.
we can tell you about car information if they can have a car model, a model, an age type, the necessary specifications information such as runs and a budget considered to be it that you are a demand.
If you have the necessary specification information such as car model, age type,mileage,and budget that you request, we will provide appropriate car information to you free and quickly.
we will do our best to find your ideal used car and provide the market price analysis of the car in complete free of charge.

Please feel free to contact us.

【Association participated】
USS Group、JAA Group、CARSEVEN Group

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    April 1999

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Dear Sir,Michael Mchani, Thank you for your request. The stock currently posted is 90% right hand drive. If you have a requested car, we can propose it. Best Regards.

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