What To Ask When Buying A Used Car? Pop These 10 Questions

All new cars are the same but every old vehicle has a history of its own. The owner could have taken very good care of it or it might have been repaired after an accident. You should know what to ask when buying a used car because being a little inquisitive may save hundreds of bucks in the end. Asking the right questions will give you a clear idea of what you are getting out of the deal.

What To Ask When Buying A Used Car? These 10 Questions May Help

Buying for a dealer does not leave you with many things to do. You can probably have it diagnosed by a mechanic and run a history report. But, it is completely a new story when you purchase from a private seller. If you don’t know what to ask when buying a used car, you will probably end up with a piece of junk.

1# What Is The Maintenance History?

Up-to-date maintenance is a big plus and so its the regular servicing at a dealership. Some people like to take service from independent garages. But, beware if the work is done by a mechanic who does not have any affiliation with any garage.

2# Do You Have The Service Records Available?

Purchase from that seller who has the service records and allows you to check them out. Having service records also means the seller had the vehicle serviced on a regular basis.

3# Has The Car Been Into An Accident?

Any such incident is supposed to be mentioned on the history report but you should still ask the seller about it. If the answer is ‘yes’, ask about the extent of damage and the repair process.

what to ask when buying a used car
Check the oil condition before buying. Source: DjelicS / Getty Images/iStockphoto

4# Can I Check The Oil Condition?

The owner might never skip an oil change but you should check its condition. White or tan foam in the oil means there is coolant or water in the oil. The presence of fuel in the oil means trouble with several components like valve seals, valve guides, rings, or intake gasket. There’s nothing to worry if it’s pure white foam.

5# Is There Any Malfunctioning Component?

Except for it is an engine part, a faulty component is not a deal breaker. It could be a defective CD player or a bad display and the seller should give you a list of what is not working and what might be in a bad shape.

6# Have You Repainted The Car?

Fixing the exterior will be easier if the car still has the original painting. If not, be prepared to deal with a series of fixes and repairs.

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7# May I Have The Ownership History?

Has the seller owned the car for a short time? Does s/he not have many details about the previous ownership? If yes, it is a red flag. Always try o purchase a used car from the original owner or from someone who has been using it for a couple of years.

8# What Is The Status Of The Title?

The seller won’t have the title if there’s an outstanding bank loan. A longtime owner may have lost it. You surely don’t want to deal with these situations.

what to ask when buying a used car
Check everything before making the deal. Source: ©2013 / WhatCar

9# Can I Take The Vehicle To A Mechanic?

Pop the question if you are serious about buying the car. Don’t move along if the seller hesitates or gives a negative response.

10# Why Are You Selling The Car?

The seller might have already prepared an answer. But, you should still ask it and rely on your gut to trust or not the answer.