What Is The Average Car Horsepower? The Literal Evaluation

Horsepower is one of the major aspects that every driver consider while purchasing a car. If you want to know the average car horsepower, you are in the right place. Here you will get to know about what is horsepower, how can you calculate it, and what is the average horsepower of a car?.

So let’s get started with your quest to figure out how much horsepower does the average car have.

A Complete Guide To Average Car Horsepower

Superior the horsepower, higher will be the performance of a car. By finding the average horsepower of a car, you can enhance the driving experience in no time. So explore further to know everything about horsepower.

1. What exactly is the Horsepower?

Horsepower is nothing but a unit of power that measures how forceful the engine of a car is. How many kilometers your vehicle can reach in its total lifespan is computed with horsepower. All in all it tells the running capacity of your vehicle.

2. How To Calculate The Horsepower?

There are various ways to calculate the horsepower. By finding the torque and speed of a car, one can pursue any method to measure the horsepower. The dynamometer is used to calculate the torque and tachometer is the tool that calculates the RPM or speed of an engine. The basic formula to calculate horsepower is:

Horsepower= Torque × Speed / 5252

Use this formula to check average car horsepower.

Another method to check the power of your vehicle is by checking the size of the engine and number of the cylinder it consists. So choose either of the methods to calculate the average horsepower of a car.

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Guide to Average car horsepower
How to calculate Average car horsepower (Photo Source: wallpaperdsc)

3. The Average Car Horsepower

The horsepower varies from car to car and country to country. One of the best selling cars in the United States right now are – Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, and Honda CR-V. Below table mentions the average horsepower of each car.



Toyota Camry

4 Cylinders & 178H.P. with optional 268H.P. V6

Toyota Corolla

132 H.P and 4 Cylinders

Honda Civic

4 Cylinders and 158 H.P. or 174/180 H.P with 4 turbo Cylinders

Honda CR-V

184 H.P. with 4 Cylinders, 190 H.P. with 4 turbo cylinders

Normally in the USA, the mid-size cars can have 170–190 horsepower. On the other hand, compact SUVs approximately acquire the same horsepower as those of the small size cars but with a slight difference of 120 to 130hp. Some of the compact SUVs 140 to 180 HP. If we talk about the pickup trucks, horsepower is 275 to 300.

So what is the average horsepower of a car? You might have got the answer to this question.

Average car horsepower
Average car horsepower of different cars (Photo Source: autowise)

So whenever you think about the average car horsepower remember this useful information, which can be helpful for those who always seek for industry knowledge.

Now that you know everything about average car horsepower, find out yours right now.