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How to Increase Horsepower – Tips for Better Car Performance

Who doesn’t like more engine power? The more the horsepower, better the speed. Increased horsepower leads to better acceleration, increased speed, towing capacity enhancement, and even fuel economy. Owing to these innumerable benefits knowing how to increase horsepower becomes essential.

Read on to find out the steps you could follow for increasing the overall strength of your car.

How to Increase Horsepower – A Step Process

Better speed, increased strength, and overall car durability are qualities of a car with apt horsepower. All these attributes help a car maintain its stability over the long run. Wish to enhance horsepower for your engine too? Follow the tips mentioned below.

1. Do Away With the Additional Car Weight

One of the most convenient and painless things you could do to enhance horsepower is to make your car lightweight. Doing away with even a bit of load can add on the extra required power to the engine. Clean your car and pick out all the junk around.

You could also do away with steel tires and opt for the lightweight tires available in the market. That extra deck system at the back of your car can be conveniently done away with. Utilizing fiberglass body panels is another consideration you could make over the manufacturer’s version.

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2. Introduction of Cat-Back Exhaust System

A cat-back exhaust system is a portion of the exhaust system that usually starts from the outlet of the catalytic converter and ends at the exhaust opening. The pipes used in the cat-back include larger diameter dimensions and are straighter in shape.

Guidelines for how to increase horsepower
Tips you need to how to increase horsepower

The entire exhaust system loosens, which, in turn, can lead to a better outflow of waste gases. Such oozing out of gases thus makes way for better air and fuel flow inside the engine which makes for better horsepower.

3. Append In a Cold-Air Intake System

Another affordable option, a cold-air intake system makes the horsepower reach the much-expected levels. When how to increase horsepower is in your mind, this simple trick can surely save the day. This addition helps in inviting cooler air into the combustion engine, thus making the air insider denser.

Such compression of air inside the engine thus leads to better mixing of air molecules with the fuel. This, in turn, produced the desired horsepower.

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4. A Bunch of Twists to the Tires

It may sound weird but making certain changes to the tires can surely help in boosting horsepower. The first thing you could work upon is the tire alignment. One could also refer to industry knowledge for knowing the steps for inducing alignments. The car’s tires should be oriented in a straighter fashion for better drive ability and horsepower.

Complete Guide for how to increase horsepower
Points for how to increase horsepower

Opting for shorter tires over the conventional ones is also a recommended option. Though the speedometer would perform inaccurately, shorter tires make up for better acceleration. Another thing could be lightweight wheels, but this could lead to heavy stress on your pockets. Therefore it is recommended to choose your modifications wisely.

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By now you would be clear as to how to increase horsepower of your car. Following these simple steps can undoubtedly make your car’s performance better. Remember that a bit of effort on your end can certainly help in gaining desirable horsepower.