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What Companies Does Volkswagen Own?

There are so many brands in the automotive industry that it is hard to keep track of who owns what. For example, not many people could answer what companies does Volkswagen own. Let’s learn about Volkswagen group subsidiaries. A few names will surely surprise you.

What Companies Does Volkswagen Own?

Volkswagen is one of the top automobile companies in the world. It owns 12 brands in total, which are the following:

1# Volkswagen Passenger Cars

As the name suggests, this brand includes all the passenger vehicles that go under the brand name VW. They manufacture models like Fox, Gol, Virtus, Voyage, and Nivus exclusively for Latin America.

On the other hand, Bora, Santana, Lavida, Magotan, Kamando, Passat (NMS), Phideon, Sagitar, C-Trek, Tayron, Tayron-X, Viloran, TIGUAN X are available only in Chinese automobile market.

2# Audi

Does Volkswagen make Audi? This is one of the most asked questions among car lovers. The answer is, yes.

Since the company acquired Auto Union GmbH, it’s the legal owner of Audi. In the 1970s, the acquisition of Audi saved VW as Audi cars became a massive hit besides other VW lines like Golf and Polo.

Does Volkswagen make Audi
VW is the legal owner of Audi. (Source: PikRepo)


In 1982, Volkswagen took the first step to expand its realm outside Germany by making a cooperation agreement with SEAT. This Spanish company became the first non-German subsidiary of VW AG in 1986 after a takeover of 51% controlling stake by the latter. Now, Volkswagen has full ownership of SEAT.


In 2000, the leading Czech automobile manufacturer Škoda became the subsidiary of VW. However, the process started in 1991, when Volkswagen and Škoda had a joint venture partnership agreement. At that time, VW owned only 30% stakes, which increased to 70% in 1995. Škoda specializes in producing compact cars and family-friendly sedans.

5# Bentley

Since 1998, Bentley has belonged to the VW AG. However, this brand celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019. Bentley was initially a British company that specializes in making SUVs and luxury cars. After the acquisition, Volkswagen spent nearly US$845 million to increase production besides modernizing the factory of this luxury British automobile and classic car producer.

6# Bugatti

In the year 1998, Volkswagen bought the rights to manufacture cars under Bugatti, the famed French luxury brand. The complete incorporation took place in 2000. Now, VW produces ultra-high-performance cars under this line. It manufactures models like Veyron and Chiron that both buyers and critics admire.

7# Lamborghini

Lamborghini was the product of Indonesian conglomerate SEDTCO, but it went for a change of ownership during the late ’90s. It was VW who saved it in 1998 after purchasing it with $110 million, providing it stability. Today, it manufactures high-performance luxury sports cars that are popular worldwide.

8# Porsche

Who owns Porsche? Another question that many car enthusiasts may often think about.

Volkswagen owns Porsche at this moment. Back in 2009, it bought 49.9% shares of Porsche. It was the first step for VW to form an integrated automotive group.

They were unable to complete the merger in 2011 due to some legal issues, but the merger did happen in 2012 when VW bought the remaining stakes of Porsche to become its parent company.

9# Ducati

The name of Ducati also pops up in answering what companies does Volkswagen own. In 2012, Volkswagen Group-owned Lamborghini bought Ducati for around $840 million. Since then, the legendary Italian motorcycle manufacturer has introduced some of its most popular sub-brands like Scrambler, Multistrada, and Panigale.

10# Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles or VWCV is an individual brand, not a legal entity. Although it used to be a part of Volkswagen Passenger Cars (business area), it started operating as a separate marque in 1995. Now, it is the associate partner of VW Truck & Bus, which also manages brands like Scania and MAN. At present, it manufactures vans, pickup trucks. It also has a campervan named Volkswagen California.


11# Scania

Scania is the subsidiary of VW that makes heavy commercial vehicles. This long-standing Swedish brand has been one of the first commercial vehicle manufacturers in the world. Back in 2000, VW bought 18.7% of Scania’s share capital. It was in 2014 when Scania became a wholly-owned subsidiary of VW. Currently, it produces engines, heavy trucks, and buses in 14 different countries.

12# MAN

Volkswagen Group acquired MAN in 2012. This sub-brand mainly works in the areas of transport and energy. MAN occupies a large market share in all departments it supplies: buses, trucks, vans, turbo-machinery, diesel engines, and special gear units.

Does Volkswagen Own BMW?

No. BMW is a separate entity that owns brand lines like Mini and Rolls-Royce. This German multinational company started its journey in 1916. It has no link to VW and exists as an independent company.


What companies does Volkswagen own? I hope you’ve got the answer. This German multinational automotive manufacturing corporation has its locations in seven countries around the world. Now, there is no scope for confusion before purchasing your favorite car.

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