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Is Volkswagen Hover Car The Future of Cars?

The People’s Car Project by Volkswagen work towards looking for possibilities for mobilizing the population. It gave the company a new way to go back to its roots as a popular car manufacturer. The focal point of the project included engaging with its Chinese customers. It let Volkswagen gain a more in-depth insight into car design preference and requirements of its Chinese customers. The Volkswagen Hover Car came out as one of the three concepts from the People’s Car Project.

What Makes Volkswagen Hover Car The Future Of Cars

Volkswagen’s new strategy includes a selection made for a different platform based on the ideas from their Chinese customers. The marketing director of the company said that they had scheduled the project for one year after its announcement. The company got 1190000+ ideas from the consumers.

The ideas had the concepts of Music Car, Smart Key, and Hover Car. The Hover Car project came out as the winner from this list of ideas. You can search online to get the best car reviews about any automobile model by the German car manufacturer. The Hover Car is an energy-efficient vehicle. It can hover over roads with electromagnetic strips. Volkswagen was looking to manufacture self-driven cars.

1. Technology Behind The Hover Car

The Volkswagen Hover Car is a two-seater vehicle. It can hover above the road using electromagnetic road networks. The technology allows it to detect other cars on the road. Hover Car can measure the distance from other vehicles with ease. Volkswagen Hover can easily turn around on roads with heavy traffic volume. You can park it easily anywhere. The small size of the car makes it easier to find a parking spot without any hassle.

Volkswagen Hover Car has two driving modes. The first one includes the driver controlling the vehicle. The second mode has the car using its sensors and network to drive automatically. The Hover Car can easily convert into a driverless vehicle with ease. There are discussions about the levitation of the Hover Car.

It can hover above the road using electromagnetic road networks (Photo Source: lovemoney)

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Is The Volkswagen Hover Car Concept Fake Or Real?

There is no doubt that the VW floating car is an original concept. Every piece of news going around that it is a fake is not reliable. A group from Stanford University is working on the car’s design. The release date of Hover Car is a mystery. Future car lovers need not feel sad. The days of the electromagnetic vehicles are upon us. All you need to do is be a little patient for the Hover car to make its way to your garage. You can browse online to check out some of the other Volkswagen car models.

The days of the electromagnetic vehicles are upon us (Photo Source: imgur)


It might take some time for the Volkswagen Hover Car to become a reality on the roads. Rest assure that vehicle in the future would have two significant features, self-driven and intelligent.

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