TSB Vs. Recall: How These Terms Help a Car Owner?

It happens many times when the car owner encounters issues with the car after buying it. These issues can happen anytime such as when the car is under warranty or out of warranty. TSB and recall are two things that are used to deal with these issues. Today we bring you TSB vs. Recall. Let’s get to know how both of these terms work and how they can benefit the car owner.

TSB Vs. Recall: What is “Recall” in Terms of Automobiles?

Recall provides you a way to tell your manufacturer that there is something wrong with the automobile, which compromises the overall safety. It then becomes the responsibility of the manufacturer to identify the issue and troubleshoot it in the best way possible to ensure your safety again.

The government regulates that if any safety-related issue happens in an automobile, the manufacturer is responsible for treating it further. Also, with Recall, the car owner doesn’t have to pay anything whether or not the car is under warranty. There can be many safety compromising issues, such as an accidental blast of airbags, malfunctioning cruise control, or engine issues.

TSB vs. Recall
Warranty does not matter with recall facility (Photo Source: mapquest)

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What is a Technical Service Bulletin or TSB?

If a vehicle experiences the issues that are covered under TSB, then a car owner should choose accordingly. After identifying the issue, the car manufacturer proceeds further to make the car working. This can be a simple tweak or replacement of a part. Talking further about TSB vs. Recall, unlike recall TSB charges the amount from the car owner as per the size of the repair.

In TSB, the car owner may exempt from paying any if the car is still under warranty; otherwise, it does charge you money.

Knowing if you are Eligible for TSB or Recall

Now that you know “what is a TSB” you should also know what the eligibility factor is for TSB or Recall. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tracks both terms that the consumers can look at www.nhtsa.gov.

A car owner can enter the VIN or the Vehicle Identification Number of your car and get to know if you are eligible for any of these. Go to the TSB section and see what could be the possible issues with the vehicle. You can use this information while test driving your car, and this way, if a particular car faces a specific issue a lot, you can switch to better alternatives. Staying in touch with the automotive blogs is always considered wise to have the needed Industry Knowledge.

Another way is asking your car manufacturer before buying if your car comes under TSB or Recall like facilities.


what is a TSB
Used cars also come with TSB or Recall facilities (Photo Source: vk)

Those who are going to purchase a used car may ask the previous car owner about the VIN. Even if you buy a used car, you are eligible for the recalls or the TSBs if your vehicle covers the same. Visit NHTSA website so you can read more about these two terms TSB vs. Recall; we hope you have got the basic idea of how these two terms differ.