3 Car Safety Features That Still Need Some Rework

With the advancement of technology, car manufacturers are embedding safety features like never before. The competition among the manufacturers is such that they have been striving hard to achieve the 5-star safety ratings. Practically, still, there are car safety features that still need a lot of work. Sometimes car manufacturers overlook the small, simple things while introducing features that are doing rounds in the market. Read on, and know what could be given a miss and what should be given a priority for enhancing safety.

Car Safety Features That Could Be Done Away With

Car safety is a priority nowadays. A car no matter how economical or luxurious; should be able to provide safety at its best. The good part is that manufacturers are working hard to boost their safety ratings. Yet, there are safety features that require rework when overall convenience and comfort are in question. Let’s explore some of the over-hyped safety features below.

1. The Era Of Touch Screens

Since the inception of touch screens, the concept has been adopted across various platforms. Same goes to the cars that have a touch screen interface present on the dashboard. While you may feel tempted to have one and slide your fingers through it, one should know the negative factors that come along.

The thing is that you need to divert your attention from the road to select or deselect any option from the touch screen. In terms of safety, keeping your eyes off the road is a complete no-no. There may be multiple menus and sub-menus to navigate through, and it may not be helpful while driving. This is one of the car safety features that could transit over to voice control.

Priority car safety features
Useful car safety features. (Photo Source: 9tro)

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2. The Automatic Systems

With automatic systems embedded, things may seem a lot better when talking about convenience and safety. On the contrary, one should also realize the problem behind such automatic controls. Psychologically, a car driver would have it in the back of their heads that automatic controls would do its job in emergency situations. While this holds true to an extent, there may be instances that automatics are not that accurate.

Be it the adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, or the autopilot system; one should not totally depend on them. No matter how big a manufacturer, the accuracy can go wrong sometimes. This is why; one needs to take the control in his hands too and rely on automatics only to an extent.

3. The Reverse Parking Sensors

Yes, the reverse parking sensors have proved to a boon to drivers, and there is no doubt in this fact. Parking sensors are more than important and add convenience of driving like no other. The thing is that this technology needs more work on it. Until now, the parking sensors aid in averting a collision with poles, walls, or any obstacle that comes in the radar of the sensors.

Still, some obstacles lie in conjunction to the ground and go undetected by the sensors. When one entirely relies on the parking sensor readings, it could lead to bump collisions or tire deflation. You could go through industry knowledge to know about old car features that are still missed.

Top three car safety features
Car safety features include Reverse Parking Sensors. (Photo Source: vox)

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Wrapping Up

With the advancements in technology, new car safety features are gaining great value in the market. Every new feature promises to offer safety at its best, but one should be clear as to what is useful and what is just over-hyped. The key is to always keep your eyes on the road and your manual control handy. One more thing, rely on your intellect and intuition more than your car’s intelligence!