VIN Decoder – Understanding Its Basics

VIN or Vehicle Identification Number identifies the code for a particular vehicle. Call it the fingerprint of the vehicle, as no other vehicle will have the same VIN. If you too have a car or have ever noticed someone else’s VIN, you must see that there are a total of 17 characters that include both the capital letters and even the digits in the identification number. But why these 17 characters, and what do it denote? Well, we are going to be your VIN Decoder today and will help you in getting a clearer picture of what exactly VIN is.

VIN Decoder – What It Is?

It is the vehicle identification number that is used to track different things including thefts, recalls, warranty claims, and even the registrations. Besides, it even helps one to identify the features and specifications besides letting you know about the manufacturer of the vehicle.

Let’s decode the VIN to make you understand better this term!

Starting with the first character

So, take a look at your vehicle and see what’s the first character written there. Well, whatever is the first character; it denotes the place where the car was manufactured. So, you can consider the first character as the manufacturing place of your car, and can easily identify where was it made. For instance, if it has the letter ‘J’ as its first character that would mean your car was made in Japan. VIN Decoder works this way!

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Moving onto second

If the first was the place where the vehicle was manufactured, the second character represents who made it. There are big brands that have further subdivisions; in that case, it would be the main head company that the credit would be given to. This VIN Number breakdown will help you understand yours.

Third is this!

Well, why wouldn’t any company not give credit to their subdivisions? The third character represents the subdivision of the main or the bigger manufacturer, who is responsible for the manufacturing of the vehicle. We hope our eight digit VIN decoder is helping you.

What’s fourth?

Does your car have a special option? It may include a towing package or heavy-duty; this character will tell you all. In short, if your car has anything special that needs mentioned, this character will display it in fourth place out of all characters. Don’t forget to read maintenance tips from experts to know more about it.

Fifth is the series

Have you heard about the series of the vehicle? If yes, this character will display it all for you. For instance, General Motors has a different set of trucks, which will be mentioned in the fifth place of this list of characters. So, the fifth character can identify the sequence of the vehicle.

Sixth and seventh are here

The body style is important for any vehicle. And this is what you will be identifying with the sixth and seventh characters of the VIN. Four doors or two doors, this too will be specified in these characters.

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Body style information is here

Eight is for the engine

What does the 8th digit in a VIN number mean? The size of the engine is what this character denotes in the VIN. For people, it is quite essential to know about the engine or the heart of the car, and this symbol is going to tell you about the size of the vehicle.

Now is the time for the ninth

It is there for the legality! Yes, this check digit is displayed to check the legitimacy of the VIN. So, now the interesting part is that all the digits in the VIN are put into some sort of intricate math. After the equation, if the number that is on the ninth spot is the same is great. And if the number is something else, you must understand that the name is all made up.

Tenth shows year

So, this is interesting! It is time to decode VIN, and reveal what the eighth character means. The tenth digit or character in VIN is the year in which this vehicle was made. So, if you ever buy a used car and wish to know its year of manufacturing, this is the time to check the tenth character of the VIN.

Here comes eleventh

The eleventh digit denotes the manufacturing plant. With this number, you can exactly identify the place where your vehicle was made. And, not just the country, but the specific location, where it was built. You know car manufacturers own or deal with different plants all over the world.

Talking about the rest of the characters

Decoding the last and rest of the digits! Well, that means the production line numbers. In this case, the product specifications are modified halfway when the production process takes place. So, with these numbers, you can identify the production line.

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The rest show the production line number

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Hope this VIN Decoder will help you and get you to know about the car deeply and wholly. All the best!