Top 5 Best Japanese Cars

It is not a secret that Japan is a huge and well-known car exporter. There are many famous car manufacturers in Japan, like Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, etc. Japanese cars are the symbol of trustworthiness and reliability.

Of course, the design of the cars has changed during the course of time, but there was no alternation in regards of reliability and safety.  Millions of people all over the world purchase Japanese cars, as they are safe, good-looking, luxurious and affordable. Though there are such car producing giants, as Germany, USA, Italy, but Japanese cars are still in a high demand.

So, let’s examine the top 5 Japanese cars, taking into account some features. Are you ready? Here we go!

Best Japanese Car title for the Long Distances goes to Honda Accord Hybrid:

Honda Accord Hybrid is considered to be a good car for a family trip, for long commuter. It is really practical, easy to drive and reliable. The car runs on pure electric, hybrid drive and engine drive and it is really easy to shift from one engine to another. This car uses fuel economically. So, if you drive for long distances quite often, this is the best choice for you.

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Best Japanese Car title for the Young Executive goes to Lexus IS350 F Sport:

Its beautiful shape, all curves can impress from the very first sight. Though it is a sporty car, it is very comfortable and quite easy to execute. The selectable Drive Mode is really easy to move to the Sport Plus. Lexus IS350F Sport is a real wonder to drive.

Best Japanese Car title for the Enthusiasm is awarded to Subaru BRZ:

You can have the best driving experience with Subaru BRZ. The sporty seats are greatly positioned for both moderate and fast driving. Well, it should be accepted that the interior lacks of comfort and luxury, but the car is a real wonder.

Best Japanese Car title for the being a good Road Tripper is awarded to Toyota Avalon:

This brand-new Avalon increases the driver experience significantly, as the suspension is stiffer. The interior is much upgraded.

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Best Japanese Car title for Being Luxurious goes to Infiniti QX80:

This Infinite is quite an impressive vehicle. Its design is amazing; it is wide, long and tall. It is much faster. The Jet Executive interior is rich, creating an impression of a luxury and richness.

So, now when you are well-aware of everything concerning the new or existing cars in the Japanese market, you can make your choice.