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The Beginning Of Lexus Logo

The car manufacturing companies have a specific emblem that represents their name. The professionals refer it as a logo. It defines everything about the car and the company. You might notice various cars with remarkable emblems. These logos are present on the trunk or the front grille. It is easier to identify a car with the brand logo. One of the most amazing and unique logo is that of Lexus.  There is an exceptional story of Lexus logo and its name. It is one of the most famous luxury automobile brands around the world.

Toyota is the parent company of this premium luxurious brand. The manufacturing of this amazing vehicle began in 1983. All other automobile brands were manufacturing their premium luxury vehicles. Lexus is the first luxury vehicle of the parent brand Toyota. It is the bestselling car brand around the globe these days. The LS400 sedan was the first luxury vehicle made by this company. LS400 got attention from all around the world in no time.

Let us know a little more about the Lexus name and logo here.

Lexus Logo – The History

Lexus has a remarkable emblem with unique design. The logo got expert confirmation in the mid of 1987 and came into the frame in 1988. People appreciate this luxurious vehicle for its power, performance, appearance, and comfort. The Lexus logo defines elegance and simplicity. The brand logo is an oval with word L in the middle.

The Story Behind Lexus logo
The Lexus logo defines elegance and simplicity (Photo Source: pxfuel)

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One might notice the simplicity and elegance in the Lexus automobiles as well. It comes in a steel gray color. The logo is a true statement of creativity and perfection. The logo does not represent the complete name of the vehicle. There is a great difference between name and logo font shape. The professionals gave a smooth and curvy look to the emblem.

Lexus got a great hit in sales after the launch. The first model LS400 was enough to attract a large number of audiences from other brands. The Lexus manufacturers put all efforts possible to accomplish the level of success and increase the sales. Logo is the chief thing that attracts people and Lexus did the same thing. Molly Designs and Hunter Communications gave the first design to the Lexus emblem. The badge was an oval shape steel ring with letter L in the middle.

The Story Behind The Shape Of Lexus Logo

The professionals at the manufacturing unit define badge as an adoption of the math formula. Logo has an oval shape with steel gray finish that defines power and performance. The chief motive for designers was to create a badge that defines power and reliability of Toyota. The brand wants to show their influence in the premium luxury cars. It is how Lexus emblem touches heights of success in the early days. The elegance and style of this logo made it perfect of all other brands.

The Best Definition of Lexus logo
Lexus logo shows their influence in the premium luxury cars (Photo Source: pixabay)

Let us talk about the story behind Lexus symbol and shape here.

How Lexus Logo Got Its Name?

The Lexus symbol is one of the finest logos among other car brands. People recognize the car brand by looking at the logo only. No matter the Lexus is not that old like all other brands. The Lexus logo is most recognizable symbol around the world in this day and age. There is an interesting story related to the name and shape of this particular emblem.

The story starts from the name Alexis. It is the first name given to the brand new luxury car by Toyota. The name Alexis got the alteration after a certain interval. Lexis was the new name given to the premium luxury car. Lexis remained the favorite name for the manufacturers for the whole time. After a long period of two years, the name Lexus appeared at the biggest auto shows that occur in the world. According to the expert industry knowledge, the logo reflects a math formula. The logo made these automakers a fine recognition in the world as well.

Perfection and sophistication were the two basics of this badge. The journey from the first luxury car to leading luxury auto manufacturers was great for the company. The Lexus symbol is simple yet eye-catchy. It goes perfectly with the power and style of the vehicles of the same brand. The amazing design of the symbol made the vehicle appearance truly mesmerizing. Molly Designs and Hunter Communications did a great job in creating the symbol for these automakers. It is the most memorable and recognizable logos in the world now.

A Complete Guide to Lexus logo to know right now
Lexus logo is the most memorable and recognizable logos in the world now. (Photo Source: pxhere)

The Final Words

It is all about Lexus logo and the story behind its name and shape. Hope this information was helpful. Keep the info with you the next time you go to buy a brand new Lexus.

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