10 Car Logo Meanings That You May Not Know The Truth Behind

How many of you’re aware, which logo belongs to any given car? I guess, most of them! However, do you know that the car badges have a certain meaning or story behind their emergence? If not, then check out these 10 car logo meanings below that you may never knew about.

The Truth Behind Car Logo Meanings

Some of the iconic logos involve a whole thought process behind their evolution while others reflect the history or some vision of the car manufacturers. To find the answer to a question- “why they are designed in a certain way,” let’s take a look.

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1. Toyota

Toyota cars‘ ellipse shaped-badge holds several hidden meanings. The current logo used by Toyota was released in 1990. It consists of three interlocking images arranged in three different directions, representing three hearts and meaning: expressing interest to customers. , represents the quality of products and efforts to develop science and technology.

The Toyota car logo meanings
The Toyota car logo meanings. Source: Toyota 

In addition to it, the space between these ovals mean the boundless opportunities and technological advancement, the Toyota’s manufacturers have accessed so far. In addition, do you know that the Toyota can be spelled using just the logo of it? Try now!

2. Nissan

Inherited from its predecessors and sister company- DATSUN, Nissan is the abbreviation of the Japanese industrial production (Nihon Sangyo). After the merger of DATSUN, the new emblem of Nissan has echoed its slogan- “Innovation that excites.” This brand new identity with gradients shades of silver and grey refers to the long-standing tradition of the Japanese culture.

The Nissan car logo meanings
The Nissan car logo meanings. Source: Nissan 

In fact, the silver color relates to the Japanese innovation, quality, elegance, and power to stay among the top automobile leaders in the global market.

3. Honda

Good reputation in the motorbike market by 1963 incited Honda to influence the entire automobile industry. That’s why soon after, this Japanese brand launched its simple yet recognizable logo.

The Honda car logo meanings
The Honda car logo meanings. Source: Honda 

Embedded in a trapezoidal shape, the bold letter ‘H’ reflects the confidence, durability, and magnificence of the cars produced under its name. Some people explaining the letter H symbolizes for the image of man standing firmly on his feet, reaching for more brilliant achievements from creative labor.

4. Ford

Incorporated since 1912, the flattened oval shaped Ford’s car logos are designed in many blue and white color shades. With the Henry Ford signature embedded clearly on the blue background and inside the circle, the emblem advertises the Ford brand as “Hallmark for economy and reliability.”

The color is also one of this car logo meanings. The white color in the badge is the symbol of purity, nobility, and elegance. And of course, we can not ignore the 100-year history of the blue development, which is a symbol of Ford Motor Company’s friendliness, longevity and caring.

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5. Volkswagen

The “Volkswagen” car logo meaning is obscure, as it’s formed using two German words: “Volks” meaning people and “Wagen” meaning car. Thus, we can clearly see that the meaning of this  car logo was: The car for people. And, the use of the first alphabet of these two words in the logo is another cool way of representing company’s initials.

Volkswagen car logo
The Volkswagen car logo meanings. Source: Volkswagen

6. Suzuki

Introduced in 1954, the Suzuki has created the most memorable and iconic logo ever. It has set the prime example of clean and elegant yet authoritative and alluring badge.

The Suzuki car logo meanings
The Suzuki car logo meanings. Source: Suzuki

The blue color in its emblem represents the harmony and strength whereas the red color depicts the determination and passion of the manufacturers for developing the best cars.

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7. Mitsubishi

Having a cool design, the logo of Mitsubishi has stored the car logo meaning in itself. As the word “Mitsu” in Japanese means three whereas “Hishi” means water chestnut. This logo was later designed by an employee named Tosa Clan, who designed as the image of three-leaf-clover (a Japanese plant that is considered as a lucky plant) with the expectation that the user will be lucky. And Iwasaki Yataro, the founder of Mitsubishi, chose to be the company’s icon.

The Mitsubishi car logo meanings
The Mitsubishi car logo meanings. Source: Mitsubishi

Indeed, this word in the Japanese language denotes the diamond or rhombus shape.

8. Volvo

This symbol has long been a symbol of the iron industry – The circle with the arrow facing upwards on the right. The iron element icon on the Volvo car is thought to be derived from this symbol. At the same time the emblem also has a strong connection with the long tradition of the Swedish iron industry: steel and strength with features such as safety, quality and durability.

The Volvo car logo meanings
The Volvo car logo meanings. Source: Volvo

This is one of the oldest and most common symbols in Western culture, symbolizing the Martian planet in the Roman period. The new car is also Volvo, written in distinct Egyptian letters.

9. Subaru

Subaru’s logo depicts a cluster of Pleiades in the constellation Taurus. Six hot blue stars are arranged harmoniously on a dark black background, representing space or night sky. The biggest star on the left is represented by the parent company Juji Heavy Industries, while the other five stars represent five subsidiaries, including Subaru, which manufactures automobiles.

The Subaru car logo meanings
The Subaru car logo meanings. Source: Saburu 

10. Mazda

The Mazda logo is a ring of E-lap surrounding M. The ring of Ephesians is the symbol of the sun. The letter M is enveloped within the E-lap is not simply the first letter in the name of Mazda, it also means a wide wings, expressing the spirit of freedom and creativity of the the firm.

The Mazda car logo meanings
The Mazda car logo meanings. Source: Mazda

After attaining this industry knowledge, next time when you spot any of these car logo meanings in the market of used cars for sale, you won’t wonder- what it symbolizes.