What You Need to Know When Buying a Japanese Car

Each year almost three million used cars are sold in Japan. Such a great amount of Japanese vehicles can sometimes be very confusing for the buyers. They may have some difficulties in choosing the best fitting car for them. Though cars are relatively cheap in Japan, the buyers need to be very cautious and attentive. Some people have a strong passion for only brand new cars, thinking that buying a used car can be a compromise over the quality. But if you have decided to get a used car, you should take into consideration some important facts before choosing the best car for you and your family.

Vital Things

First of all, there is no compulsory need to travel to Japan for buying a car from there. You can sit in your house, in front of your computer connected to the Internet and start your research. In the Internet, you can find the list of different Japanese car exporters. Of course, you should certainly choose one of these companies, like Car from Japan or any other. When choosing the exporting company, keep in mind to check the following information:


  • the address of the company on the Google search
  • the email address and the website
  • the police verification certificates
  • the registration number of the company
  • the landline number of the exporter


Also, pay close attention to the years of experience of the company in the market; try to choose only companies with 10+ years of experience. You can also choose from2 to 4 exporters, compare and contrast their abilities, offers and rates. What about the vehicle, explore the pictures in the website, pay attention to car details, like the chassis number, etc.  After deeply exploring everything, determine the exporter.

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Always keep in mind that buying a car, even used is a serious investment. You should be really attentive, while deciding anything. Check all the documents scrupulously, even if you have checked for several times. Contact with the dealer, check with him/her the formalities and the document work for the inspection certification, shipment, export procedure, etc.


Also, there are some other minor costs that you should keep in your mind. Here are some fees you must take into consideration:

  1. Set up fees,
  2. Registration fees,
  3. Delivery fees,
  4. Transportation costs,
  5. Personalized number plate,
  6. Trade-in application fees,
  7. Investigation overhead costs, etc.


So, now when you are well-aware of all the things to be considered you must be cautious and always be very attentive to all the facts and even little things.