4 Luxurious Cars in the Great Gatsby You Would Want to Own

The Great Gatsby- a movie in which various talented actors and marvelous cars won our hearts. Apart from the legendary performance of Leonardo Dicaprio, the perfect embodiment of the cars can give anyone an urge to know more about the cars in The Great Gatsby. Here we have listed the stunning cars from the movie that is purely a masterpiece of excellent automobile work.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s explore together!

Rolling cars in the Great Gatsby

Every car in this movie has a unique identity and features. Not just the looks but the performance are tremendous as well. So get to know about each car now.

1. Rolls Royce – The Silver Ghost

The car considered one of the greatest cars in the world is Rolls Royce silver ghost. The creator of this car wanted to replace his bumpy running 6-cylinder car “Thirty” with an automobile, which is more reliable, comfortable, and quieter. Therefore, he created Silver ghost- the longest running car of the time. There was a huge demand for Rolls Royce everywhere. This car in the movie has made us think of bringing back this awesome car back to the market. This is one of the best cars in the Great Gatsby, which you would want to own.

 Latest Trend In cars in the Great Gatsby
Facts About cars in the Great Gatsby (Photo Source: bbc)

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2. Duesenberg – Model J

Another elegant car model featured in the movie is Duesenberg’s model J. It’s the replica of a model built in 1929, which brought the vintage feel to the movie. Duesenbergs were known for manufacturing 100mph automobiles in the era where such great performance was beyond expectation. The best part about this car is that it has the most efficient exhaust system of all the time. The sturdy body put the great elements in the movie.

3. Rolls Royce – Phantom I

When you see this car in the movie, two words pop in the head “speed” & “magnificent” as it’s meant for running speedily without making any noise. Thanks to the aerodynamic wheels that made it move so smoothly. There are a few instances of car racing in the movie when Phantom has stood to its name. The manufacturer has used the great industry knowledge while creating this magnum opus as it has a vibrant body with appraisable performance when compared with other car models of that time.

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4. Bentley- The 4 1/2 Liter

Phantom might be the fastest and silent car but sometimes you have to get out of that luxurious environment and face the bad roads in the real world. That’s where the rough and tough Bentley makes its entry. Not it just best fitted for the roads in the 1920’s but also is the prototypical American vehicle. It is a great getaway for anyone particularly if your names are Daisy and Tom.

Luxurious cars in the Great Gatsby
Know the cars in the Great Gatsby (Photo Source: wallpaperset)

These were the four topmost cars in the Great Gatsby. Which one did you like the most? Surely, it’s difficult to answer as each car is fantastic. These far-fetched cars have been the greatest constituent of the entire production that everyone loves to watch in the movie.