7 Ancient Cars Still Produced Today!

With technology being so advanced, a great number of car models hit the market every year. Could any of the ancient cars be still on the market these days amid the frenzy of producing technologically advanced vehicles? It sounds impossible since auto manufacturers are in a fierce competition of grabbing the attention of the consumers with brand new models each year.

Well, you will be surprised to know that some of the old car models are still manufactured, with plenty of modifications and upgrades, of course. Find out 7 of the ancient cars still produced these days.

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7 Ancient Cars Still Produced Today

Check out the list of ancient cars that their makers still manufacture. Some of the entries may give you a good surprise!

Morgan 4/4

Ancient Cars Still Produced
Morgan 4/4 (2016) (photo source: Autocar UK)

2016 4/4 is almost the same car belonged to the 4/4 Series II from 1955. It even does not change the original design much. Looking at it will remind you of the time when gentlemen wore tweed jackets smoked pipe tobacco.

One amazing fact is that the British company will provide you with a tailor-made 4/4 based on your design and budget.

Lada Niva

Old Cars Still Produced
Niva (photo source: Andshel/Wikimedia Commons)

Lada is one of the best-known car lines that Russia has ever produced. First manufactured in 1977, the Niva was an off-roader with a unibody design. The current model is known as Lada 4×4 but it still offers everything that the previous model did and has the capability to provide off-road driving like a pro.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

The company has always been famous for two things – growth and evolution. So, it may surprise many to know that they are still producing a 1979 model!

Ancient Cars Still Produced
G-Class (2017). (photo source: Edmunds.com)

The modern-day G-Class is a revised version of the W461. For this reason, it’s unofficially called as the W463. It’s highly luxurious. Combined with the classic appeal, it’s the favorite automobile of many people – including the Kardashians and the Albanian Army!

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Volkswagen Kombi

Ancient Cars
Kombi (photo source: autemo.com)

First introduced in 1950, the microbus has not changed much regarding the exterior design. Since its debut, it has been one of the most popular buses due to its ‘value for money’ standpoint. Plenty of competitions have come and gone but failed to beat the model.

Volkswagen has recently announced the remake of an all-new, electric Kombi model!

Enjoy this video and learn about some more models!

Volkswagen Passat

old cars
Passat (2014) (photo source: motortrend.com)

The Passat has been serving as family cars and cabs since 1981. The model is especially popular in China where they perform the role of police vehicle too. The car still has a good market and the growing popularity among the Chinese indicates a continuous production.

Suzuki Jimny

ancient cars
Jimny (2014) (photo source: The Guardian UK)

The four-wheeled off-road car does not need any introduction. The Japanese automaker has been producing them since 1970 and they have achieved an almost iconic status in the modern day. Their old, classic design coupled with the tried-and-tested modern technology has turned them into another name for reliability.

Volkswagen Jetta

Ancient Cars Still Produced
Jetta (2005) (photo source: edmunds.com)

It seems that the German automaker is fond of relaunching their ancient cars than any other companies. They have been manufacturing it since 1984. Like the Passat model, it has a great popularity in China.

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