The Untold Story Of The Mercedes Benz Logo

For years, automobile manufacturers have changed their logos. Many are finding it hard to establish a firm brand identity in the market. However, one logo that stood out all these years by representing quality, tradition is the Mercedes Benz logo. It is a three-pointed star, and has adorned the grills and radiators of all Mercedes manufactured cars for years. However, many wonder the mystery behind Mercedes choosing this particular design as their logo.

What Is The History Behind The Mercedes Benz Logo?

Gottlieb Daimler founded the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft in 1890, whereas Carl Benz started the Benz and Cie in 1883. These two businesses laid down the base for modern motorized transportation. After Daimler passed away in 1990, the chief engineer named Wilhelm Maybach took over the company also took Emil Jellinek as a partner. You can browse online to learn more about the Mercedes Benz logo history.

Jellinek’s daughter, Mercedes, which is Spanish for Grace became the inspiration behind the company’s name. It is an essential part behind not only the Mercedes logo meaning but also why the company is known as Mercedes.

1. Story Behind The Laurel Wreath

The stories of the laurel wreath began – quite separately from the star –17 years before the merger: on 6 August 1909, Benz & Cie. submitted to the Imperial Patent Office an application to have the “Benz” lettering surrounded by a laurel wreath registered as a trademark.

Mercedes-Benz Logo
First logo before merger
The Benz logo, the one with Benz surrounded with laurel wreath, is registered as trademark on 6 August 1909. This symbol was entered into the Register of Trademarks on 10 October 1910. After Daimler‑Motoren‑Gesellschaft had already applied for legal protection for the Mercedes-Benz star on 24 June 1909, it was entered on the Register of Trademarks on 9 February 1911.

Looking back, the truth that both car makers registered their new trademarks in the summer of 1909 seems to mirror the events of 1886, since this was when Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz seperately invented the fast-running internal combustion engine to power the car   – without even having any knowledge of one another.

2. Story Behind The Star Emblem

In 1909, Gottlieb Daimler son’s Paul and Adolf recalled a picture postcard sent by their father to their mother in 1892. The postcard had the picture of a three-pointed star, which marked the location of their father’s house in Germany. It also stated that one day the star would shine, and bring prosperity to their father’s business. If you are among those who wonder about the mystery behind the Mercedes Benz logo, then this information is for you.

DMG took the three-pointed star as the company’s logo, trademarked three and four-pointed stars. However, the company adopted only the three-pointed one. In the beginning, the logo had a blue color but changed to the signature silver after involvement in the first Grand Prix in Nurburgring in 1934.

At the same time, Benz and Cie also trademarked their logo, a Lauren wreath surrounding the company’s name.

 Reason behind A popular Mercedes Benz Logo
The 3-pointed star got its own story

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3. A Merger

The merging of two automobile companies is an important chapter for those looking to know about the Mercedes Benz logo history. When DMZ and Benz & Cie entered a merger in 1926, the companies combined their logos to become the Lauren wreath surrounding a three-pointed star.

Mercedes Benz logo
The Logo after merger

After the merger of Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft with Benz & Cie., a trademark which highlights the togetherness of the two companies was created in 1926. The laurel wreath was kept while the Benz symbol is replaced with the three-pointed star from DMG. During the start, the company became known as the Daimler-Benz AG and later adopted Mercedes Benz as its trade name. It is essential industry knowledge for those looking to purchase a Mercedes Benz in the future.

4. Hidden Meaning Of The Three-Pointed Star

For those interested in knowing more about the Mercedes Benz symbol, then here is the answer.

According to the company, the three-pointed star in the Mercedes Benz logo represents the automaker’s drive towards universal motorization with domination over land, sea, and air. In short, Mercedes logo stands for the company’s aim for world domination in the transportation sector.

 Reason behind A popular Mercedes Benz Logo
Why does the star have 3 points united? They are sea, land and air

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Thus, if you are also among those who want to know the secret behind the Mercedes Benz logo, then we recommend you read this blog to get the exact idea.