Impact Of The Automobile: How Have Cars Changed The World?

The invention of the automobile has changed the way people move from one place to another and brought many positive and negative effects in every sphere of life. The multifaceted impact of the automobile has affected the advancement of society over generations. In fact, it has altered the economy, the transportation road map, and cultural scenario. Plus, it is impossible not to notice there presence in popular culture.

Impact Of The Automobile: How Have Cars Changed The World?

Carl Benz invented the first true gasoline-run automobile in the 1985/86. But, it was Henry Ford who revolutionized the automobile industry. He made them accessible to everyone. The selling price of the highly popular Model T was $490 in 1914.

What was the impact of the automobile on the economy and society? Here’s a brief discussion:

1. Effects Of The Automobile On Economy

The gradual growth of the automobile industry fuels an economic revolution in countries with major car manufacturers like Germany and the United States. The booming motor vehicle business contributed to the blossoming of other industries like vulcanized rubber, oil, and steel. Finally, many new highways were constructed and road construction created thousands of new jobs.

what was the impact of the automobile
Popularity of motor vehicles created many jobs.


People grew the habit of traveling long distances – either for vacation or work purposes. This habit created scopes for two new industries in the USA – the motel and fast food business.

People needed breaks during long trips, hence the mushrooming of motels across the long-distance routes. The roadside diners followed the suit, giving birth to classic American food like french fries, burgers, shakes, and pies.

2. Effects Of Automobiles On Society

The motor vehicles brought great social changes. People could drive to their favorite family vacation spots, which was previously impossible. The new modes of transportation forced streetcars, horses, and horse-drawn carriages out of the streets.

Diesel-run motor cars and buses began dominating the urban streets in the USA at the beginning of the 1940s. Light rails also took a hit but it later made a comeback as rapid transit.

The availability of motor cars helped to flourish the suburbs. Single affluence suburban families led to the Baby Boomer generation. Also, it became much easier to move to and from city areas to the suburbs.

The increase of motor vehicles on the roads led to some unique problems – traffic jams and fatal road accidents. These incidents therefore made the authorities to exercise road safety regulations and executing the rule of licensure.

effects of automobiles on society
There are thousands of car collectors in the world.

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3. Effects On Other Areas

The impact of the automobile was not limited to economic and social contexts. It has become an indispensable part of the popular culture – books, music, and movies. In fact, motor cars have become a lifestyle where people see them as a status symbol. Collecting cars, especially the classic ones, and modifying them to boost performance or aesthetic are two of the most widely popular hobbies. Moreover, there are millions of people labeled as ‘car enthusiasts’ for their keen interest in everything related to motor vehicles.