Hydraulic Clutch Vs Mechanical Clutch- The Comparison

The clutch is the main component that makes the car drive smooth. Clutch is basically used in shifting the gears soothingly while driving the vehicle. It resides in the gearbox for proper transmission between the engine and paddle. There are two types of clutches discovered until now, hydraulic clutch and the mechanical clutch. Both these clutches have a similar procedure of working in disengaging the gears while driving. In traditional clutches, there is a cable wire attached with the engine, flywheel, and the gearbox. Whereas, the cable wire is replaced with small bore pipes in the hydraulic clutches. Let us explore more about the hydraulic clutch vs mechanical clutch below.

Hydraulic Clutch vs Mechanical Clutch- The Comparison

One can come across a lot of pros and cons of both these clutches. Most of the car companies have started to go with the hydraulic clutches because of its durability and efficiency. The mechanical clutches consists of steel wires that might tear apart after a certain age. But, there is a huge risk of master cylinder leakage in hydraulic cylinders. Therefore, this state that both of these clutches have advantages and disadvantages of their own.

Let’s find out some differences between the hydraulic and mechanical clutch

1. Price

While going for any type of clutch in the car, one must look around the price as well. The cable clutch costs low than that of hydraulics. This is because the mechanical clutch is made up of cable wire, which is easy to maintain and set up. Whereas, the hydraulic clutches comprise bore pipes, master cylinder, small cylinders, and fluid. One can go for the clutch as per the requirement. Let us discover more about the hydraulic vs mechanical clutch.

Working procedure for Hydraulic clutch vs mechanical clutch
Comparison between Hydraulic clutch vs mechanical clutch (Photo Source: philkotse)

2. Maintenance

The cables require a lot of maintenance than hydraulics. For instance, if the cable wire gets loose after a certain period, one might not get the complete disengagement like before. One might damage the clutch plates if not noticed on time. In hydraulic plates, the things are a little different. The hydraulic clutches never ask for maintenance very easily. This is because of the fluid that self-adjusts the clutch plates when required. One does not have to adjust the clutch or worry about the greasing of the wire in hydraulic clutches. The expert’s maintenance tips assist a lot for the better safeguarding of the car.

3. Eminence

The hydraulic clutch combats mechanical clutch in terms of quality as well. The cable wire clutches are vulnerable to corrosion and can break easily after aging. The mechanical clutch requires lubrication periodically. And, these might get struck if the wires get bent too piercingly. You do not have to worry about all this stuff in the hydraulic clutches. These are easy to modulate and consists fluid to work. One might have to replace the fluid after a number of years for better performance. The hydraulic setup is a little expensive if the seals of cylinders leak in any case. But, hydraulics are much better in terms of quality.

Which one is easy to use? hydraulic clutch vs mechanical clutch
Understanding the basics for hydraulic clutch vs mechanical clutch. (Photo Source: carnews)

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Wrapping Up

So, these were some factors where we discussed hydraulic clutch vs mechanical clutch. You can go for the one that suits your car and pocket well.