Everything about Slipper Clutch You Wanted To Know

Are you an off-road vehicle enthusiast? Then getting to know about the slipper clutches would prove to be helpful. Attached to about every 2WD and 4WD electric off-road vehicles, a slipper clutch primarily helps in maintaining speed on low-traction surfaces.

Looking for what it exactly is and its corresponding working? Read on to find out.

Slipper Clutch and How It Affects Your Remote Control Vehicle

Keeping your remote control vehicle running is one challenging task when driving off-road. But with slipper clutches,  a smooth ride is what you can expect. This clutch helps in minimizing wheel spin when taking a curve and maintaining your vehicle’s calm when riding on bumpy trails.

The following guide will help steer clear your every doubt about this simple yet useful hardware attachment.

1. What Exactly Are Slipper Clutches?

Slipper clutches are exclusive clutches that have an inbuilt freewheel mechanism. You can find it specifically in off-road vehicles to help avert engine braking when a driver tends to decelerate. In simpler words, a slipper clutch helps in absorbing the impact of stress put on an engine you take a turn or apply brakes suddenly.

Why Slipper Clutch is important?
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2. Where Are Slipper Clutches Located?

If 2WD vehicles are in question, slipper clutches can be found clubbed into the spur gear besides the motor. And, it is  7mm nut that aids in the adjustments. And, when 4WD vehicles are taken into consideration, these clutches are also clubbed into the spur gear besides the motor, usually in the vehicle’s center.

3. Why Slipper Clutches?

Generally in a Remote controlled vehicle, when force is put on the accelerator, the engine draws power to the rear wheels through the drivetrain. (For your general information, a drivetrain is basically a group of components that aid in transmitting power to the car wheels). And when the RC driver decelerates, the rear wheel that is still in motion regulates the shifting of the pistons in the engine through the drivetrain.

When you press down the clutch, the speed of the rear wheel of your remote controlled vehicle is bound to surpass the engine’s speed. This altogether causes fluctuations in torque that may further lead to loss of traction in the rear wheel and thus accidents.

It is the slipper clutch that does the saving in such a situation!

4. Slipper Clutches Working Explained

When there is an inbuilt slipper clutch in your RC, the clutch engagements become smoother as it is this very clutch that absorbs all the back torque. Thus a smooth and a safe brake applying experience no matter how rough or curvy the trail. How does it do so?

The function of a slipper clutch is similar to any other normal clutch i.e. to transmit torque through the transmission. The only difference lies in the fact that these slipper clutches uncouple when a certain thrust of back torque is experienced, thus eliminating the effect of this backdrop on the engine.

Why slipper clutch Is So Famous
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Once the back torque is absorbed fully, the slipper clutch again engages and the similar process continues unless and until a harmonizing between the rear wheels and the engine is achieved. This is how this useful and unique clutch system helps in losing control over the rear wheels. You could also go through maintenance tips for useful driving tips.

Check out the video below to see more details:


Rider’s safety is a major concern, nowadays. Owing to the technological inventions, it becomes important to bring changes into the vehicle’s system to boost driving experience. This is why a slipper clutch becomes an important invention that aids in smooth driving experience with add-on safety.

Also, knowing when to tighten or loosen the slipper clutches is important. Remember though a loosened slipper may help you drive on any path smoothly, it should be avoided. This is because your vehicle can turn to get hot or even break down much faster.

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