How Fast Do RC Cars go – The Answer is here

Since their first introduction in stores, RC cars have evolved technologically in the last few years. Although they had limited speed, design, and potential but now they offer much versatility and enjoyable driving to the owner. For starters, RC cars come in different models from different manufacturers depending on the purpose. One can expect to get a well-made RC car, which can reach up to 70 miles per hour in speed. On the contrary, a modified RC can easily reach speeds of more than 70 at its maximum performance. However, still, many want to know how fast do RC cars go.

How Fast Do RC Cars Go

There are two types of speed linked to radio-controlled, aka RC cars. These include scale speed and actual speed. However, some RC manufacturers list the scale speed instead of the actual speed. We recommend you browse online to gain industry knowledge into RC cars.

However, you need to understand that such an advertisement works to make the standard RC car much faster than it is. You should know that a modified RC car has the potential to reach at least 100 miles-per-hour.

Let’s find out what each of these is and how it provides the necessary power to the RC car in order to determine how fast do RC cars go.

Actual Speed

The actual speed for an RC car refers to how fast the vehicle can go. For starters, those cars built for a hobby run faster than their toy versions. Another point of interest is that electric RC modified for better speed always wins the race. The fastest RC  are nitro-based vehicles.

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How Fast Do RC Cars go
RC Cars Built For Hobby Perform Better Than The Toy Versions(Photo Source: townscript)

Scale Speed

Scale speed measures how fast the RC vehicle will go in comparison to the full-size RC model. For example, a simple way includes a 1:10 scale RC; it would go at least 1/10 the speed of a full-size vehicle, after which it modeled.

Another example can be that a 1:8 RC vehicle having a scale speed of 110 mph has an actual speed of around 13 to 14 mph. In short, there is a significant speed difference between two RCs of different scale speeds, even though both the vehicles might achieve a speed of 110 mph.

How Do RC Car Go So Fast

There are limitations to the maximum speed that any RC car can reach. In case speed is your final goal, then choosing the RC car wisely will always work in your favor. However, we have some excellent tips to help you modify the said RC car to make it run faster.

Alter Gears

We recommend you modify the pinion or spur gear to upgrade the RC car’s performance. You should take the smallest pinion and most massive spur gear to increase acceleration. Choose the opposite if you are okay with slow acceleration and faster speed.

Switch up the Motor

In case you have brushed the motor inside the RC car, then it will affect the power owing to the friction inside the engine when the vehicle runs. We recommend you instead replace the motor with a brushless motor.

Choose an RC Wisely If Speed Is Your Goal
There Are Some Limitations to The Speed an RC Car Can Touch(Photo Source: rcgearlab)

Now that you’re aware of the two types of speed and how you can increase both, you know how fast do RC cars go.