Life On The Road: 7 Stats About Driving A Semi-Truck

Truck drivers are the backbone of the trucking industry. The shortage of truck drivers in an economy can lead to a lack of perishable goods. As a result, truck driving has become among the most demanded professions. Due to a comfortable paycheck and added perquisites, people are curious to know about the life of semi-truck drivers. Knowing the facts and stats about driving a semi-truck is quintessential before jumping into a conclusion or deciding to pursue this as a career.

So, fasten your seat belts and enter into the trucking world.

Let’s get started.

Analyzing the Statistics of Driving a Semi-Truck  

Trucks are a popular means of transportation and contribute to commerce & shipping systems. The trucking industry is growing at a breakneck speed because it keeps an economy moving. Here are the stats you may not know about this emerging industry.

5 Million Commercial Trucks

Did you know that around 5 million commercial trucks are running on the roads of America? Well, the interesting fact for people dreaming of driving a semi-truck is that up to 2 million semi-trucks are on the roadways. It is highly believed that with such huge numbers, trucks would reach the moon if lined end-to-end.

Wearing a seatbelt is beneficial when driving a semi truck.
Lifespan of semi truck engine goes around one million kilometers.(Photo Source: Pixabay)

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The Rise of Wage for Truckers

The lack of qualified semi-truck drivers can lead to a hike in the average wage for truckers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the United States, a commercial truck driver’s yearly salary was $39,520 back in the year 2014. Having industry knowledge is an added advantage to those desiring to pursue their careers in trucking.

Big Rig Engines

As compared to passenger car engines, big rig engines are six times bigger, along with 2-3 times the extra horsepower. It has been witnessed that a semi engine can cover up to 1,000,000 miles, whereas miles are limited to 200,000 in case of an average car engine.

Largely Dependent on Trucking

Semi-trucks are common on the roadways. Since the trucking industry highly contributes to commerce, it remains a viable option for transporting goods safely and quickly. For the delivery of goods and services, 75 percent of the American communities are dependent on the trucking industry.

A Large Number Of Commercial Trucking Companies

The demand for truck drivers is soaring high every year in the United States. With up to 400,000 commercial trucking companies, it is highly likely to open a plethora of opportunities to qualified truckers to get the dream career.

Women are Also Taking Plunge into This World

The time when only men used to be truckers is long gone. Trucking has become a career field, and everyone is taking advantage of this opportunity.  Over 200,000 female “long-haul” truckers have taken the plunge into the trucking world in the United States.

Perfect for Long Travelling

Semi-trucks are an important element in the commerce industry. In the United States, truckers can cover the distance around 200 billion miles in a year.  Combined, they would have traveled the distance from the earth to the sun approximately 1,000 times.

Driving a semi truck necessitates experience and skills.
Semi truck with 18-wheels is around 72 feet long.(Photo Source: autostribe)

The Takeaway  

This is all about the facts and stats about driving a semi-truck. A society without the trucking industry is hard to imagine because the majority of communities depend on the truck drivers for the transportation of goods and services.